Abnerd Joseph Death; High School Assistant Principal Shot Dead in Monroe Street


In a tragic incident at a Loop high-rise on Monroe Street, Abnerd Joseph, a 32-year-old high school assistant principal, was fatally shot during an altercation. In a tragic incident, a man was fatally shot after allegedly exhibiting bizarre behaviour prior to his untimely demise. In a comprehensive account, we present the details surrounding the tragic event.

In a stunning turn of events, the Chicago community was left in a state of disbelief upon learning about a harrowing shooting incident that unfolded within a prominent downtown high-rise on Thursday. A 45-year-old suspect has been arrested by the police, who are currently conducting an investigation into the case. The charges, at present, remain pending.

On Thursday, September 14, 2023, tragedy struck as Abnerd Joseph, the assistant principal of Intrinsic School, was fatally shot. The incident occurred at approximately 7:30 PM on the 48th floor of the building located at 60 E. Monroe Street. The perpetrator responsible for this act was a tenant within the building. A 32-year-old man sustained gunshot wounds to his chest, abdomen, flank, armpit, and ring finger.

As per the police reports, Abnerd Joseph was observed engaging in erratic behaviour, which involved forcefully knocking on the doors of various residents, making attempts to gain entry into their apartments, and exhibiting signs of incoherent yelling. In a shocking turn of events, the doorman was reportedly struck multiple times by an individual when he, along with four tenants, went to investigate the situation.

In a dramatic turn of events, a tenant valiantly attempted to diffuse the situation by calming down the individual in question. However, despite their efforts, the individual lashed out and delivered a forceful blow, causing the tenant to lose their balance and fall to the ground. In a surprising turn of events, a concerned tenant took it upon themselves to caution Abnerd Joseph about his aggressive behaviour, while also revealing that they were armed.

The tenant urged Joseph to cease his violent actions towards others. In a surprising turn of events, Abnerd, the individual in question, reportedly made a sudden and aggressive move towards the tenant. In response to this alarming action, the tenant swiftly reacted by discharging their firearm, resulting in multiple shots being fired at Abnerd..

In a shocking turn of events, the tenant involved in the incident reportedly shot Abnerd Joseph multiple times before promptly dialling 911 to report the distressing occurrence. Upon the arrival of law enforcement, Joseph was discovered in the corridor, lying in a pool of blood. In a highly critical condition, he was promptly transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Tragically, he was unable to survive and ultimately succumbed to the gunshot wounds. Abnerd Joseph was declared dead by the Cook County medical examiner’s office at approximately 8:11 PM.

According to initial reports, it has been confirmed that a verbal altercation was the catalyst for the tragic shooting of Abnerd Joseph in a high-rise building located on Monroe Street in the Loop.

Intrinsic School, located at 79 W. Monroe Street, had the privilege of having Abnerd Joseph as their assistant principal of culture. Joseph, who was born in 1991, brought his expertise and passion to his role at the school. In the Summer of last year, he became a member of the educational institute. In his role, he primarily concentrated on school climate, student discipline, school-wide transitions, and student safety.

According to information obtained from the school’s official website, it has been reported that Abnerd Joseph possesses a notable five-year tenure as an assistant principal. Furthermore, it has been revealed that Joseph joined Intrinsic School subsequent to his employment at KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools. In his previous role, he served as an instructor for algebra and life sciences for a span of approximately five years.

Abnerd Joseph, a recent graduate, has successfully obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Florida State University. In addition, he was actively engaged in the pursuit of a master’s degree in educational leadership at Georgia State University. In the area, he was known as a highly respected educator.

In a tragic incident, Abnerd Joseph met his untimely demise when he was fatally shot by a tenant residing on the 48th floor of the building located at 60 E. Monroe Street. According to reports, prior to the shooting incident, he was reportedly engaged in a verbal altercation and exhibited violent behaviour towards individuals present at the scene.

In a shocking incident, a tenant, who possessed a concealed carry licence, proceeded to discharge multiple rounds, striking the individual in various regions of their body. In a remarkable turn of events, the individual in question proceeded to dial 911, urgently seeking assistance, and patiently awaited the arrival of law enforcement personnel. In a significant development, a 45-year-old man has been apprehended and is now considered the primary suspect in the murder case of Abnerd Joseph.

The individual’s identity has been carefully guarded. As of now, no charges have been filed. The case is currently under investigation by Area 3 detectives, who are diligently working to gather more information. Further details regarding the case will be made available to the public at a later time.

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