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Rodrigo De Leon; Family Of Four Passes Away In Granada Hills, CA Murder-Suicide [Shooting]

Rodrigo De Leon; Family Of Four Passes Away In Granada Hills, CA Murder-Suicide [Shooting]

According to law authorities, a man in his 80s committed suicide and killed every member of his immediate family when he shot himself.

The 81-year-old wife of Rodrigo C. Deleon, his 46-year-old daughter Glenda Deleon, and his son Van de Leon were all shot and killed inside their Granada Hills, California, home on Saturday night, according to sources.

The Los Angeles Police Department reports that the event happened in the 11600 block of Lerdo Avenue at around 6:50 p.m. Officers spent the entire night at the scene.

According to LAPD Capt. Kelly Muniz, when the police arrived at the house, they knocked on the door in an attempt to get inside, but nobody answered.

Then, according to Muniz, “because of the nature of the comments within the call,” police forcibly entered the house. The 911 caller was located by officers at that same moment.

After that, this person led police to an area of the house where three victims were found with gunshot wounds: an elderly woman, a woman in her late forties, and a guy in his late forties.

According to Muniz, another man in his eighties was found dead from what looked to be self-inflicted gunshot wounds in another area of the house.

At the scene, each of the four people was declared deceased. The four were unidentified by the authorities, but Muniz said they were all related: a mother, a father, and two grown children.

According to Muniz, the witness managed to barricade themselves in another area of the house and called 911 without getting hurt.

Officials were unaware of the circumstances that preceded the incident. At the time, additional information was not accessible.