Learn How To Disable Auto Update Of Apps In Android – Proven Ways

Recently a friend approached me complaining of how her android smartphone updates automatically and this pisses her off, sure it’s advised to keep your apps updated but it’s still her choice to choose not to update apps automatically. At the end she was really relived when the auto update was disabled. If you happen to fall within her category, i just wrote this post for you. Android is a powerful and popular operating system and with the beauty of Google play store you can easily install tons and tons of apps. With lots of applications on your device, auto update might just upset you as it consumes a whole lot of browsing data and battery as well. However, it’s always advised to keep your apps updated mostly for security reasons, updates are made to fix bugs and add new features. Below i’ll guide you on how to disable auto update of apps in android and also how to manually select specific apps to update automatically.

To Stop Automatic Update Of Apps In Android

  • Go to the playstore app on your android smartphone
  • Click on menu at the top-left corner, then select settings
  • Now on settings, click “Auto update apps” then select “Do not update apps” and that’s it.
  • You can as well choose only to update apps when connected to a WiFi network
Now, your android apps will never update automatically. If you wish to only update certain apps, follow the steps below. To Update Specific Apps Automatically On Android
  • Still on Google play store on your Android device, go to the menu (top-left corner). Click on my apps
  • You’ll have all the already installed apps displayed. Simply click on any one you wish to update automatically
  • Check-on “Auto update”. It’s as easy as that.
  • You can also use this procedure to manually disable auto update of apps (individually)
I’m certain you can now disable automatic apps update in your android device and only update the apps of your choice. If you have any other android related problem, feel free to disclose in comment.