BARRISTER SHURAIM Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Had Seeyamah

“Barrister Shuraim” is a captivating Hausa love novel written by Had Seeyamah. The author begins by expressing gratitude to Allah for granting them the ability to write this story. They acknowledge the influence of several inspiring writers, including Aunty Binta Abale, Aunty Jamila Jamee Ummu Mahir, Shamsiyya Manga, and Mujahida, among others. The book is dedicated to the community of Azare.


The story follows the protagonist, Barrister Shuraim, who is facing various challenges. After receiving excellent exam results, he finds himself uncertain about his future after leaving school. Additionally, he dreams of a girl who is in need of his help, and he is searching for his parents.

Shuraim’s friend, Dr. Najeeb, assures him that they will find solutions to his problems. They decide to return to their homeland, Nigeria, from London. The narrative introduces other characters, such as Amal, who embarks on a journey with three other girls from their school.

As Shuraim and Najeeb prepare for their return, they receive a phone call from Najeeb’s mother, who asks about Shuraim. Shuraim talks to his mother, expressing their plans and mentioning Najeeb’s presence. The warmth and connection between Shuraim and his mother are evident in their conversation.

Meanwhile, Amal finds herself in a distressing situation, bound and unsure of her captor’s intentions. The kidnapper plans to extort a significant amount of money from Amal’s parents by staging a kidnapping. Amal contemplates her predicament and wonders how she can escape.

Upon their return to Nigeria, Shuraim and Najeeb are greeted warmly by their families. Shuraim feels a sense of uncertainty and expresses that he doesn’t fit in with the beauty and transformation around him. However, he is welcomed into the family and joins them for a meal.

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