*Thanks be to God, the Lord of Creation, for giving me the ability to write this book. May God’s peace be upon our Leader* *Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and his family and companions and* *those who share it*

*The Day of Alkiyama is coming Amen*





    *Dedicate this page to Aunty Na Adama* *my daughter has a true home, I pray to God to bless her with mercy* *Fiddausi paradise is her future with all Muslim brothers and sisters Amen*.


*My parents, the pride of my prayers for you will never end until the day my son leaves his breath, may God make you complete* *FAITH AMEN O LORD.*


*This fictional book is not true, it is intended to* *inform and entertain, but the story contains the things that* *happen in this day and age, love, betrayal, betrayal, deceit and betrayal* Kush News from the heart of the heart!!!!*

*This book is not intended to abuse anyone or others.

*Banyarda If you change my story, I don’t know what to do, it’s a big mistake and you have to be careful*.