ZUCIYAR NAMIJI Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Mujaheeda Matar Malam

ZUCIYAR NAMIJI, a Hausa love novel written by Mujaheeda Matar Malam, is a compelling story of love, betrayal, and resilience set in the town of Sokoto. The novel takes readers on a journey through the life of a young woman named Alama, who is struggling to rebuild her life after facing heartbreak and loss.


The novel begins with the narrator’s description of a small middle-class house in Sokoto, which sets the tone for the story. The house is described as being swollen and covered in mud, which hints at the struggles and challenges that Alama is facing. The narrator then introduces Alama, a young woman who is drawing small dogs in a village market. The rains are pouring outside, and Alama seems to be in distress, wiping away tears from her eyes.

As the story progresses, readers are introduced to Khairy, a young man who offers to help Alama with her bathroom. However, Khairy’s behavior towards Alama is abusive and controlling, and he constantly berates her for not working quickly enough. Despite this, Alama remains patient and tries to do her best, constantly rebuilding the wall in the bathroom as Khairy becomes increasingly impatient.

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Khairy is not a good person, and he is only interested in Alama for her money. He is lazy and complains constantly, and he does not care about Alama’s feelings. Despite this, Alama continues to love him and tries to make things work between them.

The novel reaches its climax when Alama discovers that Khairy has been cheating on her with another woman. Heartbroken and devastated, Alama decides to leave Khairy and start over. She learns to be independent and takes charge of her life, working hard to rebuild her business and support herself.

Throughout the novel, Mujaheeda Matar Malam weaves a powerful story of love, loss, and resilience. The characters are well-drawn and realistic, and the dialogue is authentic and engaging. The novel provides a fascinating insight into the culture and traditions of the Hausa people, while also exploring universal themes of love and betrayal that will resonate with readers from all walks of life. Overall, ZUCIYAR NAMIJI is a gripping and emotional novel that is sure to leave a lasting impression on its readers.


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