ZARAH part 1

ZARAH  Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Meryam Mukhtar

ZARAH is a captivating and thought-provoking Hausa novel written by the talented author Meryam Mukhtar. The story delves into the complex lives of its characters, unraveling their struggles, desires, and the challenges they face in the pursuit of love and justice.

In Chapter 11, the class enters and an intriguing encounter takes place. The protagonist, Rahama, is absent from the class, and the teacher, filled with concern, inquires about her whereabouts. Ummita, one of Rahama’s classmates, informs the teacher that she is sick and unable to attend. The teacher’s compassionate smile hints at his genuine care for his students’ well-being.

Later, Rahama returns to school after her illness, finding solace in being back among her peers. However, her peace is disrupted when she encounters the teacher again. He asks her to accompany him to his office, leaving Rahama feeling frustrated and suffocated by his constant presence. Her friends, Minal and Ummita, discuss the situation and joke about the teacher’s apparent interest in Rahama.

Curiosity lingers in the air as Rahama contemplates her next move. Despite her reservations, she decides to visit the teacher’s office, where a surprising conversation unfolds. The teacher expresses his concern for Rahama’s well-being and questions her choices in life. He perceives her as a wanderer, hinting at his disapproval of her behavior. Rahama, however, defends herself and asks about her missing clothes, indicating a deeper connection between them.

Their interaction takes an unexpected turn when the teacher confesses his love for Rahama and proposes marriage. This revelation evokes an uncontrollable burst of laughter from Rahama, leaving the teacher puzzled. Despite his genuine intentions, Rahama finds it difficult to take the proposition seriously. The teacher decides to give her time to think and promises to return in a week.

As Rahama embarks on her journey back home, she finds herself laughing at the encounter and the words of another person, Muhammad Auwal, who seemingly had similar intentions. Her laughter catches the attention of her friends, who join in, creating a joyous and carefree atmosphere.

The narrative then shifts to the weekend, and the anticipation of an important visitor, referred to as the “honorable.” Rahama reveals her plans to attend a salon and gym before the anticipated event. Her friends express surprise at her preparations, while Rahama playfully remarks that she will relax and sleep instead.

The friends arrange to meet again later in the day, with Rahama leaving at 2:00 PM to meet the honorable guest. The setting shifts to Katsina town, where Rahama visits the honorable’s house. As she enters, the honorable dismisses the guest in the living room, signaling a sense of intimacy between him and Rahama. Their exchange is filled with endearing terms and gestures, creating an atmosphere of affection.

An interaction with a worker brings forth a conversation about beauty and expenses. Rahama playfully mentions the amount she spent on a body treatment, emphasizing her devotion to the honorable. The discussion then touches on financial matters, with the honorable offering to assist Rahama in paying for her dress and addressing car troubles.

The conversation takes an unexpected turn when the honorable reveals that he won’t be able to attend a club due to his political career, as it could lead to complications. Rahama suggests having a party at home instead, with the honorable agreeing but specifying that the party will be from his side, welcoming Rahama’s friends Ummita and Minal.

Night falls, and the living room transforms into a lively space adorned with decorations and filled with music. Rahama, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, arrives with Ummita, and their energy infuses the

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