_* my story from the pen of the writer Prince Naik, not a scholar, Nibras, with the will of my rabbi, a story that will come to you in a different style from the thread of the writer’s thoughts with the sharp edge of her pen. Really, a story that changes the mind of the reader, a story that educates, entertains, and gets a lesson in fun and life, there is light and God’s grace in the book of Zakat, don’t repeat the story*_

_* the story of Zakkatah, the story of a famous security officer who is honest and courageous in his work despite the challenges he faces, an officer who is different from the others, in different aspects, he is far away, there is nothing to be compared to the one who wins the belt like that of male heroes, but alas, there is a disease that hurts and causes tears to flow in the heart of the hero, and on the other hand, he has a kind of gift from his lord that takes away his sadness but does not prevent him from shedding tears despite the strength of his heart and his bravery *_????