Zain Abeed, a captivating Hausa love novel written by NimcyLuv Sarauta, takes readers on an emotional journey filled with affection, hidden truths, and the complexities of relationships. Set in the city of Moscow, the story unfolds as the protagonist, Zain, and his birth partner, Abeed, face unexpected challenges that test their bond and love for each other.

As the dense fog blankets Moscow, the Aeroflot-Plus flight lands safely at Sheremetyevo Airport, braving unfavorable weather conditions. Zain, a concerned and caring companion, anxiously waits for Abeed and another companion to disembark. Worried about their well-being in the cold weather, Zain enters the VIP area, only to find Abeed peacefully sleeping on a sofa. Zain’s eyes brim with pure love and affection as he gazes at his partner’s delicate features.

However, Zain’s worry grows when he notices Abeed’s slow breathing and the presence of missed calls from Riya on Abeed’s iPhone. Troubled, Zain apologizes to Riya, assuring her that he will take care of the situation. Puzzled by Abeed’s red eyes and a mysterious transformation, Zain confronts him. Abeed reveals that his awakening was triggered by Zain’s declaration of love.

With Abeed now fully awake, the story delves into the intricate dynamics of their relationship. Abeed’s existence revolves around three important individuals: Zain, Mai Martaba, and Naila. As Zain admires Abeed’s unique and honest nature, he realizes that something is amiss. The revelation of Abeed’s hidden secret looms on the horizon, destined to be unveiled the next day.

Abeed finds solace in the train’s restroom, contemplating how Zain will react to the impending news. Overwhelmed by the weight of his fate, Abeed encounters Aman, a friend, who senses his distress. Vomiting blood, Abeed is tormented by the knowledge that his time on Earth is limited to a mere five months. Avoiding a direct confrontation with Zain, Abeed steps out of the restroom, his mind filled with apprehension.

Meanwhile, Zain catches a glimpse of Abeed’s discarded inhaler, a silent indication of his partner’s suffering. The airplane’s confines witness an emotionally charged moment as Abeed hesitates to meet Zain’s gaze. Zain, understanding the unspoken needs of his partner, offers his support and proposes to call someone who holds significant meaning for Abeed.

Intrigue and anticipation fill the air as Abeed’s eyes, slowly returning to their original color, reflect a mix of fear and vulnerability. Zain’s heartfelt words, “Ya Rabb, I almost forgot, I swear,” signify his unwavering commitment to their relationship, as he extends his hand to Abeed, bridging the gap between their unspoken desires.

Zain Abeed is a mesmerizing love novel that explores the depths of love, trust, and the power of understanding. NimcyLuv Sarauta masterfully crafts a story that captivates readers, evoking a rollercoaster of emotions. As the narrative unfolds, the bond between Zain and Abeed is tested, leaving readers eagerly turning each page to uncover the secrets that threaten their relationship. Will their love endure the trials that lie ahead, or will their journey take an unexpected turn? Zain Abeed promises an unforgettable tale of love, sacrifice, and the strength to overcome adversity.