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All praises and thanks are due to Almighty Allah, may you give peace and safety to the messenger of peace, our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his family, thanks to all our lovers, men and women, wherever you are, even though this is the beginning of writing a novel Our Nida Hanee, we hope that you will be worried about this story, don’t let it happen to you.

☘????☘SHIMFIDA ????☘????

This story contains the story of a young girl who grew up in privileged parents, but alas! She used this opportunity by humiliating everyone who is below her, which is why she will get to know me from the end.

Our Muslim brothers! Know that God has given you health, opportunity, time and wealth, use them by showing ungratefulness to him, know! There are thousands of people who are looking for health, opportunity, time and wealth but they didn’t get it, why did you get this opportunity and destroy them? We ask God to prepare our hearts for us, to give us the ability to use health and opportunities that God has given us.