YAR MULKI Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Hauwa S Ahmad and Maryam Y Ahmad

Yar Mulki is a Hausa love novel written by Maryam Y. Ahmad and Hauwa S. Ahmad. The novel tells a captivating story of love, power, and loyalty in the Hausa society. The book revolves around the character of Amal, who is portrayed as a beautiful and powerful woman with a desire for rest and drinking. She is the daughter of the king and is always surrounded by bodyguards who protect her.


The novel opens with a scene where Amal is being driven in a convoy of five black cars to the door of her house. Her bodyguards surround her, and she is giving them instructions on how she wants the driver to be in anger and in control. When they arrive at the gate, the guard takes too long to open it, and Amal becomes frustrated. She orders the driver to take the car to the house, leaving the guard outside.

Upon entering the house, Amal is greeted by her mother, who notices that something is wrong. Amal confides in her mother that she is frustrated with the guard who took too long to open the gate. Her mother comforts her and orders her favorite ice cream to be brought to her. Amal retires to her room, where she finds Haneefa, her servant, reading the Quran. She asks Haneefa to go to her room and pick up her inner wear and wash them. Haneefa is surprised because this is not part of her daily work.

The novel also introduces Abdul, who is concerned about Amal’s wellbeing. He sympathizes with her and thinks she deserves better. He meets Haneefa in the balcony and asks her about Amal’s daily routine. Haneefa tells him that Amal is always tired and wants to rest.

The novel portrays the Hausa society’s culture, where women are expected to be obedient and submissive to men. Amal is a powerful woman, but she is still subject to the norms of the society. The novel also highlights the importance of loyalty in the society. Haneefa is loyal to Amal, and she is willing to do anything to please her. The novel shows how loyalty is highly valued in the Hausa society.

In conclusion, Yar Mulki is a beautiful love novel that portrays the Hausa society’s culture, norms, and values. The novel tells a captivating story of love, power, and loyalty. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the Hausa society better. The authors have done an excellent job of weaving a beautiful story with well-developed characters and a compelling plot. The novel is an excellent addition to the Hausa literature and is highly recommended for anyone who loves a good love story.

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