YA FARU AKAN KAINA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Rahama Nalele

Ya Faru Akan Kaina, written by Rahma Muhammad Rufai Na Lele, is a Hausa love novel that takes the readers on a journey of love, romance, and drama. The story revolves around the lives of two main characters, Hairanah and Heesham, who meet each other in a crowded market on a rainy day.


The author beautifully describes the setting of the market and how it becomes crowded with people trying to avoid the rain. Hairanah, a young woman with a daughter, is one of the people in the market trying to buy things in a hurry before the water comes down. It is during this rush that she meets Heesham, a handsome young man who catches her attention.

The author describes Heesham in great detail, highlighting his beauty, intelligence, and wealth of knowledge. Heesham’s character is portrayed as charming, confident, and witty, with a body that is described as perfect. The author uses vivid language to describe his appearance, making him stand out as a captivating character.

As Hairanah and Heesham’s paths cross, they accidentally touch each other’s hands, causing a spark between them. This spark leads to a growing relationship between the two characters, with both of them feeling drawn to each other. The author uses this moment to develop the characters’ feelings and emotions, painting a picture of love and passion between them.

However, the story takes a dramatic turn when Hairanah’s family learns about her relationship with Heesham. Her brother’s friend, Sabir, is sent to investigate Heesham, and this leads to a confrontation between the two men. The author uses this confrontation to create tension and suspense, adding another layer to the story.

Despite the challenges they face, Hairanah and Heesham’s love for each other continues to grow, and they find a way to overcome their obstacles. The author portrays their relationship as one that is based on trust, respect, and understanding, making it a beautiful love story.

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