Thanks to the One who created the soul and united it with the body. I am asking for your help for all his future. I am asking you to protect me with your protection and give me the ability to write what he has done in accordance with the teachings of Islam. he is like him, in this world and in the hereafter, we are not in his salvation bijahidil sayyadi warah That is the prophet muhammad s a w.

“I would like to express my gratitude and sympathy to all the writers who are all over the world. I wish you all the best. Seeing you in the world of writers, I am seeking your blessings and advice and I hope that one day I will enter the writers’ competition with this book of mine. I am asking for your help ????????????

This book is dedicated to all those who lived without their mother. They lived as a father’s wife. A story full of sadness and pure cruelty, and pure love between people.

This story is made up by me to inform and convince our parents and leaders.


Don’t change a book in any way! Don’t use any words or letters! If you don’t ask for my permission and don’t change a book, I’m asking for forgiveness in the name of God. Don’t give me a book because it’s a gift. May God’s glory be preserved.

Writing & story By: Mardeeyat A Taheer