Undisclosed Jumper Dead, Road Blocked, Police Operate On The Sydney Harbour Bridge; Traffic Incident

Harbor Bridge Suicide: A police operation is currently underway on Sydney’s Harbor Bridge, with several police cars with flashing lights blocking traffic. The incident happened at 6 a.m. Tuesday, and as of 7 a.m., one southbound lane of the Cahill Freeway was still closed. Heavy traffic caused a long line of cars that stretched for kilometers to Anzac Bridge.

Drivers are advised to use the Harbor Tunnel or Victoria Road as alternative routes. The aerial shot shows emergency response vehicles with flashing lights and very slow traffic on the bridge.

Several lanes of the Harbor Bridge are closed due to a police operation. Only one lane is open for traffic in the northern direction, three in the southern direction. Police confirm there is no danger to public safety. Live Traffic advises drivers to use caution and expect delays when traveling in the area early this morning. Motorists are advised to allow more time for trips. Sydney Buses said buses crossing the bridge were experiencing delays due to the police operation.

A police operation on the Harbor Bridge is causing significant disruption for Sydney commuters, leading to road congestion for many kilometers beyond the Anzac Bridge and Lane Cove Tunnel. The Transportation Management Center advises those wanting to cross the Harbor Bridge in either direction to seek alternate routes because lanes often open and close unexpectedly. By 7 a.m., all northbound lanes had reopened, but the southbound lane of the Cahill Freeway was still closed.

Congestion stretches more than 8 kilometers from Anzac Bridge to Lilyfield and more than 16 kilometers to the Lane Cove Tunnel. The Transport Management Center suggests using Victoria Road or the Sydney Tunnel instead. According to the representative of the Transport Management Center, queues in both directions are formed due to heavy traffic. Northbound traffic is backed up to City West Link at Lilyfield and southbound traffic is backed up to Lane Cove Tunnel.

By 7.30am, journey times from Iron Cove Bridge to Millsons Point had increased by 30 minutes and there was heavy traffic heading south on the Waring Freeway from Lane Cove. Traffic delays are affecting the Eastern Distributor due to slow traffic on the Cahill Freeway. Emergency services and transport crews are on the bridge and vehicles are advised to follow all instructions from emergency services. Sydneysiders faced traffic congestion and significant train delays on Monday afternoon as a sudden storm swept over the state’s east coast, sending more than 75,000 lightning strikes across the city.