TUBALIN TOKA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Badiat Ibrahim

“Tubalin Toka” is a Hausa novel written by Badiat Ibrahim that explores the intricacies of love and relationships in contemporary Northern Nigeria. The story follows the lives of Ummu, Zabreena, Tasmeena, Tashigo Aguje, Meemar, and Zeeba, as they navigate their personal struggles, familial obligations, and romantic relationships.


The novel opens with Ummu, a young woman suffering from kidney disease, sitting and taking her medication while Zabreena, her mother’s younger sister, crouches down and washes her clothes for her. This scene sets the tone for the rest of the novel, as it emphasizes the importance of familial bonds and the support system they provide in times of need.

Throughout the novel, the characters are faced with challenges that test their relationships with one another. For instance, when Tasmeena asks Tashigo Aguje who Zabreena looks like, Ummu responds by saying that she is her partner. This response highlights the ambiguity of their relationship and the complexity of the characters’ emotions.

Meemar, a bad boy with a questionable reputation, enters Ummu’s life and brings about a series of conflicts that threaten to tear their relationship apart. Despite this, Ummu finds herself drawn to him and enjoys his treatment, much to the dismay of those around her. The question of how easy Ummu’s body is becomes a central issue in the novel, as Meemar’s actions are often viewed as manipulative and selfish.

Zeeba, a friend of Ummu’s roommate, enters the story when something happens on her phone, leading her to call Ummu’s roommate. This conversation ultimately leads to Zeeba and Meemar’s departure from the city, leaving Ummu to deal with her emotions on her own.

The novel also explores the cultural traditions and expectations of Northern Nigeria, particularly with regard to marriage and gender roles. For instance, when Ummu asks Meemar about his intentions towards her, he responds by saying that he would never marry her because of her illness. This response highlights the stigma surrounding illness and disability in the region.

Tubalin Toka is a compelling and thought-provoking novel that offers a unique insight into the complexities of love and relationships in contemporary Northern Nigeria. Through its exploration of familial bonds, cultural traditions, and personal struggles, the novel offers a nuanced and insightful portrayal of life in the region. Readers looking for an engaging and thought-provoking read will find much to enjoy in this novel.

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