TUBALI Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Aisha Ali Garkuwa

Tubali, a mesmerizing Hausa love novel written by the talented author Aisha Ali Garkuwa, takes readers on a captivating journey through the depths of passion and the trials of true love. Set in the picturesque town of Gembu Membila in Taraba State, the story unfolds against the backdrop of a powerful and dark storm that engulfs the entire area. The storm becomes a metaphor for the intense emotions and challenges that the characters face in their quest for love and happiness.


The protagonist, whose name remains undisclosed, finds himself caught in the midst of this tempestuous storm. As he drives through the rain-soaked night, he is filled with a sense of fear and urgency, desperately trying to escape an unknown danger. Sweating profusely despite the chilling cold, he is haunted by the looming specter of separation from the world he knows.

Throughout his harrowing journey, the protagonist is relentlessly pursued by a mysterious trailer. No matter which path he takes, the trailer follows closely behind, adding to his mounting anxiety. The tension escalates as he clings onto a child on his lap, seeking solace and safety amidst the chaos.

Eventually, their journey leads them to the precipice of a deep gorge overlooking the Gembu River. The protagonist, driven to the edge by fear, steers his car with determination and plunges into the depths of the river, narrowly avoiding disaster as the car collides with a tree before succumbing to gravity. The townspeople of Rugar Rumo are awakened by the commotion, their curiosity piqued by the unfolding tragedy.

Meanwhile, the owner of the pursuing trailer revels in his victory, relishing the thought of executing a sinister plan. He coldly discusses his intentions over the phone, revealing a plot to eliminate the protagonist’s wife and children. The trailer driver, motivated by greed, seeks his reward and cuts the call, disappearing into the night as he makes his way to Gembu.

Years later, in Kano State, the protagonist, now known as A, finds himself at the Arewa 24 TV station in a staff meeting. As the room buzzes with anticipation, A notices a young woman named Jannart Idris Saleh, who stands out amongst the crowd. Her soft, calm voice captures the attention of everyone present, including A himself.

Jannart is the guest of the week, chosen to be interviewed for a program that aims to highlight exceptional individuals and their achievements. As A listens intently, the purpose of the program becomes clear – to inspire the younger generation by showcasing the successes and challenges faced by extraordinary individuals. A is captivated by Jannart’s presence, her humility adding to her allure.

As the meeting progresses, A’s thoughts wander, and he catches a glimpse of Jannart’s delicate hands adorned with red-tinted fingertips. Intrigued by this small detail, he begins to imagine the stories and experiences hidden within her, as if her hands hold the key to a secret world.

Tubali, with its enthralling narrative and vivid imagery, immerses readers in a tale of love, loss, and the indomitable human spirit. Aisha Ali Garkuwa’s masterful storytelling draws readers into the complex emotions and riveting plot, making Tubali a must-read for lovers of Hausa literature and fans of passionate love stories.

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