*I don’t know if at this time my son’s pen seems to be balanced in the middle of the school, my old books and the one they will start now! One thing I know is that this salon is definitely different, this salon is a salon that I have never been to before. I’m not planning to sell you the book, and I’m not going to sell it, it’s a free book without a doubt. What I am going to say directly here is that there are words that are based on weight in them, especially for our children, it is useful for everyone.

*There is no obscenity in it, just like the way I say words and things that are heavy, I have a way to avoid the words that are based on their weight, but God willing, I will make the words correct and avoid the pure blasphemy.*


*I don’t know if you will be happy with that, but I download each zezone page after I save the previous one for two days, I hope that this will keep happiness in your hearts my dears.*

*In my opinion, strictly married women.*

Wace Ce Ita Chapter 38 Complete Novel

*Congratulations to you my beautiful Ayusher muh’d, may God bless you wherever you are, may God take you and raise your descendants for you, and bless them more than you can. Love love fisabilillah.*