Texas teen Died from serious Burns after Gasoline was set on Fire, According to Family.

According to her family, a juvenile girl from North Texas who suffered terrible burns last week after another kid tossed a pan full of gasoline onto a fire has passed away.

The mother of Madison Lewis revealed that her daughter, 17, passed away early on Sunday morning in the company of her loved ones.

When a boy tossed a pan full of gasoline onto a fire during a holiday get-together over the break, Lewis suffered burns up to 90% of her body, according to her mother.

“I thought it was a cup at first, but now I found out that it was an actual pan full of gasoline into the barrel, and they say that it just exploded and just went in her direction,” she continued. “It was quite damaging. burned her entire body through.”

According to FOX 4, Lewis had many procedures at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital before entering a coma that was brought on by medicine.

When the teenager’s doctors pulled her from the coma, she made a few tiny tongue movements before being returned to the medically-induced coma.

“Maddy’s journey was marked by an unwavering spirit, resilience, and a courage that inspired all who knew her,” according to an online obituary. “She overcame great obstacles, but she faced them head-on with a resolve that inspired everyone she touched with her grace. As the wonderful Lord welcomed her home, her priceless body, worn down from the hard battle, found comfort.”

A fund has been established to assist the girl’s family with burial costs.