TAZARAR DA KE TSAKANINMU Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Khadija and Safiyya

Tazarar Da Ke Tsakaninmu is a captivating Hausa love novel co-authored by Khadija Sidi and Safiyya Ummu Abdoul that takes readers on a journey filled with unexpected encounters and emotional turmoil. The story revolves around Amatullah, a young woman who finds herself in a series of surprising and bewildering situations.

The narrative begins with Amatullah inadvertently catching the attention of a well-known young man at the university. His fame precedes him, even among the newest students. As fate would have it, their paths cross, leading to a moment of intrigue and anticipation. The authors adeptly capture the suspense and curiosity surrounding this encounter, leaving readers eager to know more about the mysterious young man and his connection to Amatullah.

To everyone’s surprise, the young man approaches Amatullah and hands her a forgotten item—a phone. Overwhelmed with emotion, Amatullah’s hands tremble as she accepts the unexpected gesture. The young man’s indifference to his own suffering further piques her curiosity. As Amatullah tries to comprehend the significance of this encounter, she is left with a sense of bewilderment and a burning desire to discover more about the person who crossed her path.

Amatullah’s journey continues as she retreats to her bedroom, located in a specific block and room within the university premises. The authors skillfully depict her inner turmoil as she tries to process the encounter and its implications. Amatullah’s friend, Zulaikha, attempts to engage her in conversation, but Amatullah remains lost in her own thoughts, unaware of Zulaikha’s presence.

As the plot unfolds, Amatullah’s focus turns to an upcoming physics exam, causing her anxiety and distress. The authors delve into the pressures faced by students and the fear of academic challenges. Zulaikha tries to comfort and reassure Amatullah, offering explanations about the young man she encountered. Through their conversation, readers gain insights into the young man’s position as the Secretary General of the Student Representative Council, responsible for student affairs. Zulaikha’s descriptions shed light on his reputation and the respect he commands within the university community.

The authors expertly build suspense and intrigue, capturing readers’ attention and evoking a sense of anticipation for the subsequent events in the story. The complex emotions and deep friendships portrayed throughout the novel add depth and authenticity to the characters and their experiences.

Tazarar Da Ke Tsakaninmu explores themes of unexpected encounters, personal growth, and the complexities of university life. Khadija Sidi and Safiyya Ummu Abdoul weave a tale that invites readers to reflect on the power of fate and the potential transformative effects of love and friendship. With their evocative storytelling, the authors transport readers into the world of Amatullah, where they can empathize with her struggles, share her moments of joy and heartache, and eagerly anticipate the next chapter of her captivating journey.


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