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Tavares Simpson Obituary News: Resident Of Charleston SC,Tavares Simpson Involved In Car Accident

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Tavares Simpson Obituary News: Resident Of Charleston SC,Tavares Simpson Involved In Car Accident

The coroner’s office verified that two 18-year-olds died in a horrific car accident in North Charleston on Sunday night.

One of the victims of the deadly collision that happened on Dorchester Road in North Charleston was 18-year-old Tavares Simpson.

Two vehicles were involved in the crash, which happened near Dorchester Road and Brossy Circle around 7:30 p.m., according to the Charleston Police Department (NCPD).

Simpson, a North Charleston resident, was among those who passed away from wounds sustained at the scene.

The North Charleston Police Department is currently looking into the accident’s circumstances.

Authorities are working hard to gather information, even though the cause and liability of the collision are still unknown.

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