In the city, Prince Nasmal and Hatyan were present. Exhausted from their journey, they ate and drank until they fell asleep. However, their slumber was abruptly interrupted by a knock on their room door. Startled, they woke up and realized someone was at the door. The man got up, sniffed the oil to gauge his sleepiness, and proceeded to open the door.

Prince Nasmal stood outside, wearing a smile on his face. He looked at Hatyan and expressed that he was eagerly awaiting the competition. He urged them to prepare quickly so they could head to the competition grounds. Hatyan, despite the sudden awakening, quickly assessed the situation. She instructed Sadirat to get ready, stating that it was time to head to the competition grounds.

As Sadirat rose from her bed, her hat fell off, indicating that she had already taken a bath and was wearing a veil. At that moment, Prince Nasmal entered through the window. Sadirat, with a worried expression, questioned his presence, suggesting he should leave. Ignoring her plea, Nasmal apologized, citing the king’s command, and emphasized the need for them to prepare promptly.

After Nasmal left the room, Sadirat and Hatyan hastened their preparations. Once ready, they joined Prince Nasmal, and together they made their way through the palace towards the competition grounds. As they approached, the noise of the crowd grew louder, signifying that the arena was filled with people.

The competition grounds encompassed a vast area surrounding the city, and only six chosen individuals stood as the heroes of the competition. Among them, a sorcerer stood at the center, renowned for their power. On the opposite side, luxurious seats accommodated the king and his court, along with the town’s residents.

Facing the heroes was a large cage housing an immense, unseen creature, which sent chills down the spectators’ spines. The heroes of the competition stood firm, while the people eagerly anticipated the commencement of the event. Harsai and Suhatyan, acting as announcers, arrived and silenced the crowd.

Hatyan, Nasmal, and Sadirat greeted the king and his council before taking their positions. Sadirat sat beside the king’s desk, already present for some time. Once the greetings concluded, the king rose from his throne to address the audience.

The king emphasized that this day marked the culmination of years of anticipation for protection against the impending danger posed by the mother of snakes. He explained that the sorcerers’ research had revealed the significance of the animal Kurzal in safeguarding them. The competition aimed to evaluate the heroes’ abilities and determine if they could defeat the fearsome creature.

The competition involved releasing Kurzal from its cage, and the heroes had to catch it before it reached the corner of the expansive field. Any hero who succeeded would be declared the victor and awarded a precious certificate. Additionally, the winner would have the privilege of choosing any woman they desired, who would then be obligated to marry them.

Upon hearing this, the public expressed their opinions, while Sadirat’s thoughts raced. She realized that if Prince Nasmal won, she would be compelled to marry him without any say in the matter. Contemplating the situation, she pondered her options.

Amidst these thoughts, the sound of the cage opening reverberated through the city as Kurzal was unleashed. The ground trembled under the weight of the massive creature’s footsteps. The heroes, unprepared for the impending challenge, braced themselves for what lay ahead.