When Nasmal heard the question from Hatyan, he responded, “How can Shikadai protect millions of lives? How will he confront this insane snake?” He chuckled and laughed, then turned his face to Hatyan and said, “Hey, my friend, I want you to understand that it’s not about fear. It’s about each person’s strength and fighting abilities. You were chosen for this task because you are now on your own, representing the lucky hero. It’s your responsibility, as well as everyone else who walks this earth. Astrologers, historians, and researchers have all affirmed that you are the first warrior to stand with King Shamsal in your continent. It’s a legendary tale.”

Hatyan pondered the question for a while and remained silent. After a moment, he looked up and addressed Nasmal, “What kind of test will you give me in the city? How can I protect you from the evil of this snake, which I failed to do before?”

Nasmal replied, “Even if I pass the test and protect you, it doesn’t mean others won’t face this problem. The world is filled with challenges.” His response brought a smile to Nasmal’s face as he continued, “No matter what I do, there is no plan or magic that can change destiny.”

Curious, Hatyan asked, “Why are you here? As the son of a king, why did you come to the forest to travel on foot for three days?”

Nasmal explained, “Let’s help everyone who walks long distances. Riding a horse is only for decoration and celebration. Now we must continue on foot to reach our home on time. I know our people will be waiting for our arrival.”

Observing this, Sadirat rushed towards Hatyan, asking, “What were you talking about?” She looked at her head, indicating that Nasmal had mentioned they would discuss everything when they reached their city.

In a hurry, Sadirat joined them, determined to catch up with Prince Nasmal. The trio made their way towards the city of Queen Badi’atul Nauwara. Meanwhile, in another location, an old woman named Ummulkhairi was waiting for Badi’atul Nauwara.

As they stood alone, Badi’atul Nauwara undressed while the old woman, Ummulkhairi, observed. She said with a smile, “How long have I been waiting for you to say that? Let’s finish this cleansing ritual and enter the bath.”

Amidst the forest, the old woman began crying while washing herself. Badi’atul Nauwara’s skin became radiant like how it was before. They then proceeded to pick up her palace dress and continued their journey.

They halted, and Ummulkhairi helped Badi’atul Nauwara with her makeup. As Badi’atul Nauwara glanced at herself in the mirror, memories of the person she was looking for, who was in danger, flooded her thoughts. Tears welled up in her eyes.

Ummulkhairi, noticing Badi’atul Nauwara’s tears, encouraged her, saying, “Don’t hold back those tears. Shedding them will alleviate the pain in your heart. You should know that my wife also sheds such tears for the same reason.”

Embracing Ummulkhairi’s shoulders, Badi’atul Nauwara asked, “What do you mean by all this? Why are you doing this to me?”

Ummulkhairi sighed and explained, “You and Anisa both loved the same man. Though Anisa loved him first, they broke up