When the Hatyan spoke these words,

thousands gathered around,

declaring him their leader.

With fierce determination and bravery,

they charged forward, their mouths filled with the heat of battle.

The Sukuma warriors continuously attacked,

biting and striking, yet unable to quell his courage.

Though his flesh was wounded and pain engulfed him,

he persisted, refusing to falter.

Watching his enemies fall to the ground,

he felt a surge of excitement and pressed on.

Evil assaults drew near,

but for half an hour, he fought fiercely, undeterred.

Victory eluded all but one adversary,

as the hero’s mind grew troubled.

Sharp as a blade, his thoughts shifted

to his sister Sadirat, braiding her hair by the stream,

unaware of the danger she faced.

In that moment, a realization dawned upon him—

these lions possessed an otherworldly power.

If that were the case, they could be dispatched

to harm his sister Sadirat, at the behest of King Shamsal.

This treacherous plot could only be thwarted

by utilizing the cunning and wisdom within him.

He understood that relying solely on his physical prowess,

no matter how formidable, would not be enough.

The lions seemed endlessly energized,

their strength unyielding.

With resolute determination, he decided

to employ the art of strategy to overcome them.

Observing Saidaifa’s use of the sword’s power,

he pondered employing his own magical abilities in combat.

Anger simmered within him,

igniting his fury, and he unleashed his powers.

Startled, one of the lions retreated, clutching its wounded eye.

Its fellow roared in pain, collapsing to the ground.

Not wasting a moment, the hero Hatyan pressed on,

striking the lions with unmatched force and courage.

Draining their strength, he dismantled their power,

forcing them to scatter and flee into the wilderness.

Seeking refuge, they disappeared into the bushes,

each lion searching for a hiding place.

Observing their retreat, Hatyan, still valiant,

noted the scattered remains of their fallen kin,

marking the spot where they would lay to rest.

With a sense of relief, he sprinted toward Sadirat,

kneeling beside her and offering his support.

She opened her eyes, gazing at him,

a courageous smile gracing her lips.

Overjoyed, Hatyan swiftly removed a cloth,

using it to staunch the bleeding wound on her head.

Though the wound persisted, he applied medicine

and administered three doses to alleviate her suffering.

Grateful for her returning strength,

Sadirat beamed at him once more.

Adjusting her position, she spoke, “Brother, I am glad to see you.

I feared you had left me, leaving me to face life alone.

But even in that moment of despair,

I resolved to continue living until the very last second.”

As Sadirat relayed her experience,

Hatyan smiled and interjected,

“I was speaking of the same conviction.

You left me, and I felt lost, unsure of how to carry on.

My mind was consumed by darkness,

but I retraced my steps and found solace in knowing

that we still have each other in this world.

We shall not perish until we exact revenge

upon King Shamsal and his son.”

Sadirat, filled with gratitude, hugged Hatyan tightly,

reassuring him, “You are right, my dear brother.

No matter the hardships, we will achieve our goal.”

Contemplating their next move, Sadirat inquired,

“What shall we do now? Should we make camp here,

resting for a few days or more?

Or should we press forward until we reach the