Oh, the depth of ignorance is truly preferable to the darkness of night. Those who possess knowledge and speak the truth are like a child in a vast field, unaware of the key that unlocks the hidden basement. Hatyan and his daughter guard the entrance to the basement. Meanwhile, an old man plays a role, revealing a golden brick that adorns the ground, signaling the beginning of something significant. As the door opens, descending further into the depths, memories surface of a time when a witch doctor used to cook gold bricks, protecting them with his skills.

Exhausted from their fruitless search, King Shamsal turned to Queen Anisa, seeking forgiveness for their intrusion. They now understand that their actions were unnecessary, as criticism no longer burdens their souls. They plan to retrace their steps and conduct a more thorough investigation with the assistance of research experts. However, for the time being, they retire to their accommodations to regain the sleep they had lost.

As evening fell, King Shamsal and the sorcerer Daizur Sika hurried back to their lodgings, quietly slipping into a peaceful slumber. Meanwhile, in the city of Bindal, a scandalous night unfolded with Sarki. The journey to the neighboring city was fraught with danger, as Sarki hunted down his primary adversary, Hartayn Sai. Unfortunately, their pursuit led them into a grave calamity that bewildered the ruling class, dulling their senses. The entire town was engulfed in a disaster.

Under the rule of Prince Zainur, the city was summoned. The people were commanded to assemble, including members of parliament and mayors. They gathered before Prince Mubaya, who sat on the throne. Among them was a peculiar sorcerer, a close confidant of the prince, shrouded in mystery. The prince’s wicked laughter filled the air as the palace remained eerily quiet.

The shocking revelation that Prince Zainur had staged a coup left the girls and widows wailing. They devised a secret plan to escape the oppression of the new king, seeking refuge within the palace walls. Prince Zainur, still reveling in his triumph, glanced at the members of parliament, his eyes filled with superiority. The palace and its troops were now under his control.

In the midst of panic, Prince Zainur boasted with a smile, assuring his people that his father’s reign was over for good. He promised them a new city and a new life. Unlike his father, he claimed his entitlement to power, willing to reward his loyal subjects generously. However, he demanded one thing from them: absolute loyalty.

To further solidify his grip on power, Prince Zainur introduced a sorcerer named Arzus bin Sharkub, who had spent thirty years exploring the continent. Arzus possessed remarkable abilities and was revered as a deity by the people. Even Prince Zainur, in a moment of vulnerability, succumbed to illness, but with Arzus’ intervention, he swiftly recovered.

The chains of the continent were shattered as people turned to Arzus to fulfill their desires, paying him for his services. Yet, the king of Bindal, Shamsal, remained uninterested, believing he lacked anything to ask for. He considered himself blessed with health, wealth, and glory beyond comparison.

As tensions grew between the two kings, a great gathering took place. Arzus hosted the three kings of the continent in his abode, where a celestial event unfolded, captivating their attention. A star descended from the heavens, igniting a fiery spectacle.