the six kings, including Shamsal, displayed bravery. However, during the chaos, Shamsal accidentally injured himself, unaware of his own actions. After a long sleep caused by King Shamsal’s actions, Sadirat woke up on a plane, where her brother, the courageous warrior, was battling a cough. Sadirat attended to her brother’s injuries, advising him to rest and seek treatment. Curious about their savior, they went to meet the pilot and were shocked to discover it was Queen Badi’atul Nauwara herself. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Sadirat expressed her thanks, and the queen offered her protection until they reached the city of Askandariya. The queen had been following their journey and witnessed Shamsal’s pursuit. Arriving just in time, the queen saved them from Shamsal’s destructive plans. Together with her staff, they set off on a horse-drawn cart towards the city. Ensuring their safety, they cleverly disposed of any evidence of their presence on the ship. Eventually, they reached the city of Askandariya, where security measures were in place. Despite the tight scrutiny, they managed to pass through without arousing suspicion. Sadirat questioned the queen about their situation, and the queen assured her that she had discussed their predicament with her childhood friend, the queen of Askandariya. The queen of Askandariya is known for her beauty, and their friendship dates back to their ancestors. The queen expressed her admiration for the city and its grandeur, highlighting its significance as a safe haven.