Sadirat embraced her stomach, overwhelmed with indescribable joy. She assured her brother, “We are now safe from the clutches of our enemies across this entire continent.”

Despite her elation, Hatyan, his long hair reflecting his inner turmoil, expressed his concern for his sister. He cautioned her that even inside this ship, there might be numerous spies of King Shamsal. Since their arrival on the plane, he emphasized the need for vigilance, as someone could recognize them once they least expected it.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, they realized they had to be cautious and remain incognito, especially with Queen Badi’atul Nauwra being the true target. Sadirat commended Queen Badi’atul’s assistance, acknowledging the fortunate encounter with their unknown benefactors. They were aware that, for their safety, sleep alone would not suffice. They had to be wary of potential enemies who could seize this opportunity to uncover their identities and intentions.

Hatyan urged his sister to rest while he stood guard. He assured her that he would remain alert upon her awakening, as any small movement could have dire consequences. He emphasized the unpredictability of their circumstances and advised against trusting anyone on the plane, including the crew.

With Sadirat now finding solace in sleep, Hatyan turned his attention to a painting of Queen Badi’atul Nauwra adorning the wall of the cabin. Memories flooded his mind—memories of their fierce battles and the time they spent together. He reminisced about their playful banter and the final approval she bestowed upon them before they departed.

Hatyan’s thoughts also wandered to the warrior who had aided them in the past, whom they had met and subsequently separated from. He questioned his own feelings, pondering why he longed to reunite with Queen Badi’atul Nauwra. Was she experiencing a similar yearning? He wondered if destiny would grant them another encounter.

As Hatyan continued to contemplate his emotions, he recognized the differences between himself and other men who were captivated by Queen Badi’atul’s beauty. His admiration went beyond mere physical attraction. He appreciated her bravery, resilience in war, and her transformation into a fellow warrior.

Despite the factors of age, status, and wealth, Hatyan couldn’t deny his growing fondness for Queen Badi’atul Nauwra. He believed she could be the life partner he had long sought. Yet, he couldn’t shake the feeling that his luck might not favor him, considering their age difference of eight to nine years. Nevertheless, he resolved to subject their relationship to further tests when they met again.

Meanwhile, Queen Badi’atul Nauwra continued to contemplate these thoughts until sleep finally overcame her. Little did they know, in the city of Bindal, King Shamsal observed his vast army of four hundred thousand troops, dispatched to capture Hatyan. Word of their victory against all odds had spread throughout the country, leaving the king disheartened, his only solace being his affection for his children and his people.

King Shamsal summoned Boka Daizur, expressing his unwavering trust in his capabilities. Despite their extensive deployment of forces and scouts, the king felt an unease deep within, fearing that Hatyan might outsmart their traps and escape their clutches once again. The news of their alleged capture in another country only added to his apprehension, uncertain if Hatyan had managed to elude their grasp.

The continent they resided in had become a treacherous domain, making their return to Shamsal’s kingdom a challenging endeavor. The king yearned to capture Hatyan, for his defeat would ensure his redemption and secure his