Susan LeFever Obituary News: Local Historian Susan LeFever Passed Away

Susan LeFever Obituary News: Local Historian Susan LeFever Passed Away

Susan LeFever passed away at the age of 77, leaving a loss in the hearts of her friends, family, and the community she served. Susan was not simply a hardworking employee and an enthusiastic amateur historian; she was also a well-liked community member who was well-known for her enthusiasm, commitment, and steadfastness in safeguarding her hometown’s past. Let’s consider the influence she had on people around her and the legacy she leaves behind as we unite to grieve her passing and celebrate her life.

Serving people was Susan LeFever’s life’s job. She put in endless hours at New York Telephone, always prioritizing her clients’ needs. She had an unparalleled work ethic and greeted every day with zeal and commitment. Susan’s coworkers saw her as a dependable and trustworthy partner because of her unwavering dedication to her work in all she accomplished. She leaves a legacy of brilliance in her career, professionalism, and integrity.

Susan had a strong interest in local history in addition to her work, and she spent a lot of her leisure time learning about and recording the histories of her neighborhood. Her colleagues in history and study considered her an important resource due to her unparalleled knowledge and skill. Susan’s dedication to historical preservation made sure that future generations would know and cherish her hometown’s rich past.

To Susan LeFever’s family and friends, We are deeply saddened by the news of Susan’s demise. Everyone who knew her will sincerely miss her presence as she was a treasured member of our community. Numerous people were impacted by Susan’s unshakable energy, passion for local history, and dedication to her profession, which left an enduring legacy of commitment and service. We are sending you, her family, and friends our sincerest condolences during this trying time. I hope the love and support of people around you, together with the memories you enjoyed with Susan, bring you solace. Even though she is no longer with us, everyone who knew and loved her will always carry her spirit with them.

Let’s celebrate Susan LeFever’s magnificent life and her impact on our community as we unite to pay tribute to her memory. Even though her physical body may not be with us anymore, her soul will always be present in the hearts of everyone who loved her, and her unwavering commitment and passion will serve as an inspiration to us for years to come. Peace be with you, Susan. Though you will be greatly missed, your memory will always be cherished in our hearts.