Susan Condon Obituary News: In Loving Memory Of Susan Condon

Susan Condon Obituary News: In Loving Memory Of Susan Condon

Susan Condon Obituary, Death Cause: The world laments Susan Francis Condon, also lovingly called “Sue,” passing away. She was a dear soul. On Monday, February 19, 2024, she will leave this world. It will be the end of a life full of love, laughter, and steadfast devotion to family and community. Gathering to celebrate her life and the deep influence she had on everyone privileged to know her, friends, family, and loved ones pay tribute to her memory.

A Meaningful Life

Susan Francis Condon was a woman of love, tenacity, and a strong sense of loyalty to the people she cared about. She was raised in an environment full of opportunity and promise, and she greeted everyone every day with a smile and a zeal for life that spread to everyone she came into contact with. She had an immense impact on many people’s lives during her 76 years of life, leaving a legacy of generosity, compassion, and unflinching elegance.

A Devoted Wife and Mother

Susan loved being a wife and mother above all things, and she found happiness and contentment in her family’s love and laughter. A tribute to the enduring power of love and partnership, her marriage to her cherished husband John, who she loved and called “Tex,” spanned decades of shared adventures, successes, and struggles. Together, they created a life full of warmth, humor, and resolute support, setting the stage for a love legacy that would last for many generations.

A Loving and Cherished Mum

Susan embodied love, selflessness, and steadfast dedication in her role as a mother. She devoted her entire life to ensuring the happiness and well-being of her three children, Jae, Jo, and Kie. They were her everything. She was a continual source of strength and support in their lives, whether it was by lending them a shoulder to cry on during difficult times or by simply sharing a private moment of love and connection.

A Very Much-Loved Granny Sue

Susan was more than just a grandma to Emma, her granddaughter; she was a wellspring of unending joy, love, and wisdom. They had shared innumerable moments of play, laughter, and adventures that had built an unshakable relationship between them. As “Granny Sue,” she lavished Emma with love and respect while teaching her kindness, fortitude, and the value of savoring every moment.

A Celebration of Life

Friends, family, and loved ones are cordially welcomed to the Broken Hill Musicians Club Auditorium on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, to commemorate and celebrate Susan Francis Condon’s life. Joining forces, they will honor a woman whose presence warmed the hearts of everyone who knew her, honoring her generosity, her sense of humor, and the lasting legacy of love she leaves behind.

An Invitation to Remember

The family extends a warm invitation to the people of Broken Hill and beyond, especially to those with whom Susan had a special friendship and sense of community. In recognition of the memories they shared and the influence she had on their lives, members of the Broken Hill Saints Rugby League Team, the Broken Hill Soft Ball Association, and the Broken Hill Hockey Association, both past and present, are cordially invited to participate in this celebration of Susan’s life and legacy.

A Final Farewell

A private cremation will take place after the service, giving family and loved ones time for private contemplation and memory. Even though Susan is no longer with us, her spirit endures in the hearts of everyone who had the honor of knowing her, serving as a monument to the strength of love, friendship, and the ties that bind family and community. We thank Susan Francis Condon for the time we had together, the memories we treasure, and the significant influence she had on our lives as we say goodbye to her. I hope she finds peace in knowing that she was adored and will always be remembered.