Stuart Scurria Death; Stuart Scurria of Monroe, Louisiana Dies in a Fatal Plane Accident, Obituary News

Family and friends are currently mourning passing of their beloved one. Stuart Scurria of Monroe, Louisiana has reportedly passed away.

Stuart Scurria death was announced on July 8, 2023. According to reports, the beloved father of two was involved in a fatal plane crash which resulted to his death.

Stuart Scurria is from Delhi, Louisiana, currently lives in Monroe, Louisiana before his death. Stuart Scurria is the CEO and owner of Paradise Patios of Louisiana. He is survived by his loving wife, Ashley Lee Scurria and two young children.

Mourning his passing, Colt Linster penned down a lenghty tribute on Facebook, he wrote,

“Stuart Scurria, I’ll never be the same without you here buddy. I received the worst news ever about 24 hours ago and I haven’t had the courage to post anything until right now.

I’ve cried more in the last 24 hours than I ever have combined in my life. I’ve felt a deep sadness, I’ve been in shock, I’ve been mad, I’ve laughed at all our memories, I’ve looked back at all the pics/memories over the years, I’ve listened to the voicemails, I’ve reread texts/Facebook/Instagram messages, I’ve listened to the voice memos of our ridiculous songs we either wrote or covered, and at the end of all of that, I just miss you man.

I’ll always think back to our 5am workouts during our time at La Tech being the scrawny freshmen outworking everybody else (we mainly just did it for the chocolate milk at the end), holidays with your family when I lived there, my trips back to Louisiana to visit my Louisiana family (DeAnn Scurria, Kelly Scurria Wiggins, and Mark Scurria), your visits over to Florida, you being in my wedding, me being in your wedding, the constant communication we’ve kept up over the years, and the phone calls we’d make to catch up on life when either of us were on a long drive during the work week. I’ll always look back and cherish every second of it, my guy.

I wish you could see how many people truly loved you, how many people looked up to you, how many people you had a positive impact on, and how much of a legacy you left.

Ashley Lee Scurria, you’re an absolute godsend to your family and everyone knows how perfect you and Stuart were for each other. Although the Linsters are a couple states away, please never hesitate to call on us for anything. You are forever a part of our family and we love you and your family so much.”

Stuart Scurria Plane Crash; How Did it Happened?

An aircraft was reportedly missing on July 7, 2023. according to source, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reached out to the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office on Friday, July 7, 2023, regarding a missing aircraft detected on radar.

The deputies were provided with the aircraft’s last known location, indicating its proximity to Rayville Municipal Airport.

Law enforcement officials have successfully located the airplane in a cornfield approximately one mile southeast of the airport, following an extensive search. Tragically, it has been confirmed that both individuals aboard the aircraft have been discovered deceased.

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will be launching an investigation to determine the cause of the accident.

In analyzing the potential causes of the plane crash, factors that could have contributed include the aircraft itself, prevailing weather conditions, and the level of experience possessed by the pilot.

The specific reason behind the plane crash remains unknown until the investigations are complete and the findings are released.

It is during these trying times that the support and love from friends and well-wishers can make a significant difference in helping his family through their grieving process.

A GoFundMe campaign has been initiated to provide support and financial assistance to Scurria’s family in organizing his funeral arrangements.

Recognizing the emotional and financial burdens that accompany a tragic event, the campaign aims to alleviate some of the expenses that the family may face during this challenging time.