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Steve Findlay Obituary News: Former Firefighter Steve Findlay Passed Away

Steve Findlay Obituary News: Former Firefighter Steve Findlay Passed Away

We must say goodbye to our beloved friend and colleague, Steve Findlay, with sorrowful hearts.

Steve was a devoted firefighter who served for an incredible twelve years with the Public Fire Department (PFD). His unshakable dedication and careful maintenance of “The 37,” the PFD’s first fire vehicle, have made a lasting impression on our community.

Steve Findlay had an extraordinary career as a firefighter.

Through his twelve years of service, he demonstrated unwavering courage and commitment to our community’s safety, making his dedication to the PFD clear.

But his influence went beyond the day-to-day duties of a firefighter.

Steve always had a particular spot in his heart for the 37, the PFD’s first fire vehicle. His painstaking maintenance of these classic vehicles demonstrated both his mechanical prowess and his strong emotional ties to their firefighting heritage.

Because of Steve’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to maintaining the PFD’s history, “The 37” has come to represent our department with pride.

Steve was tragically diagnosed with cancer in 2020, yet he faced this challenge head-on and persisted in living a very active and optimistic life.

His tenacity served as an example for all of us, showing us that real heroes aren’t just characterized by what they do when doing their duties; they’re also defined by how they handle the difficulties that life presents.

Outside of the firehouse, Steve was Cindy’s devoted spouse and a treasured family member.

We send Cindy and their loved ones our deepest sympathies during this trying time.

Everyone who has had the honor of knowing Steve has felt the influence of his presence far beyond the PFD’s walls.