SOORAJ Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Fatymasardauna



Sooraj had a lot on his mind as he drove away from the wedding venue. His heart was heavy with sadness and worry, and his head was spinning with a severe headache. He had just witnessed the marriage of his rival, the winner of the girl he loved, Aishatu Kabeer. The announcement of their union had hit him hard, and he couldn’t help but feel like he had lost the love of his life.

As he drove, he tried to clear his mind and think of a way to move on from this heartbreak. He couldn’t stop thinking about Aishatu, the girl he had been in love with for years. He had hoped that one day she would realize how much he loved her and choose him over Sooraj. But now, that dream was shattered, and he didn’t know what to do.

Sooraj’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing. He picked it up, and it was Mas’ud, his best friend, and confidant. Mas’ud wanted to know where Sooraj was going, but Sooraj’s mind was elsewhere, and he lashed out at Mas’ud, blaming him for everything that had happened. He felt like Mas’ud had betrayed him by not telling him about Aishatu’s wedding beforehand.

Sooraj drove on, trying to forget about everything that had happened, but he couldn’t escape his thoughts. He remembered the moment when he had seen Aishatu in her wedding dress, looking more beautiful than ever. He had felt a surge of jealousy and pain, but he couldn’t show it in front of the crowd.

As he drove, he came across a girl on the side of the road. She was crying uncontrollably, and Sooraj felt compelled to stop and see if he could help. The girl, whose name was Ziyada, had lost her mother recently, and her life had been turned upside down. She was living with her stepmother, Inna Ma’u, who treated her poorly and constantly reminded her of her mother’s addiction to drugs.

Sooraj listened to Ziyada’s story and felt a connection with her. He too had lost someone he loved, and he knew what it felt like to be alone and misunderstood. He offered to help Ziyada in any way he could, and she was grateful for his kindness.

As he continued on his journey, Sooraj realized that helping others might be the key to healing his own heart. He decided to start a charity to help people like Ziyada and others who were struggling with loss and grief. He knew that it wouldn’t erase the pain he felt, but it would give him a sense of purpose and help him move forward.

Sooraj’s love for Aishatu had not faded, but he realized that he needed to accept what had happened and move on with his life. He couldn’t force someone to love him, and he needed to focus on his own happiness and well-being.

In the end, Sooraj found solace in helping others and knowing that he was making a positive impact on the world. He never forgot about Aishatu, but he learned to live without her and find joy in other things. His journey was one of pain, but also of growth and resilience, and he was grateful for the lessons he had learned along the way.

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