SIRRINA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Khadija Muhammad Shitu

SIRRINA by Khadija Muhammad Shitu is a captivating and enchanting Hausa love novel set in the mystical realm of Yalaz, a land known for its witches and magical prowess. The story revolves around the life of Princess Aliyaa, born to Queen Sarah and adored by her father, King Zahir. However, the Kingdom of Manaaj, ruled by the just and valiant King Zahir, encompasses a complex web of intrigue and rivalry, where the ambitions of other kingdoms threaten to disrupt the delicate balance.


The novel’s central character, Aliyaa, possesses a unique, temporary power inherited from her grandfather, Arar, who hails from a lineage of powerful witches. Her magical abilities spark desire among others to claim dominion over the Kingdom of Manaaj. Meanwhile, her father’s second wife, Queen Kunjam, harbors resentment and schemes against Queen Sarah and her daughters, particularly Aliyaa. Kunjam’s yearning for a son who could inherit the throne intensifies the tensions within the royal family.

As the plot unfolds, the three kingdoms of Yalaz come into focus. Nahaar, known for its vibrant witches and wealth, is ruled by the tyrannical King Gobrar, whose thirst for power leads to clashes with King Zahir. The third kingdom, Hizaar, with its rich history and strong magicians, is not as prosperous but is equally embroiled in conspiracies and animosities.

The intricate emblems that each kingdom’s people bear further highlight their unique identities. The mark Manaaj adorns the hands of the people of Manaaj, while Nahaar’s emblem is found on the palm of their hands, and the inhabitants of Hizaar wear their symbol on the nape of their necks.

Against this backdrop, Aliyaa decides to take a walk outside the palace, accompanied by her loyal attendant Risha. Their journey embarks on a tale of self-discovery, love, and courage as Aliyaa encounters challenges and adversaries, all while navigating the complexities of her magical heritage and royal responsibilities.

SIRRINA weaves together elements of fantasy, love, and intrigue, immersing readers in a world of magical kingdoms and compelling characters. Khadija Muhammad Shitu’s evocative storytelling transports readers to the mystical land of Yalaz, where love and power intertwine, and the fate of the kingdoms hangs in the balance. This Hausa love novel promises to captivate readers with its richly developed characters, intricate plotlines, and the alluring mystique of the Kingdom of Manaaj.

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