SIRRI NE Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Aisha JB

SIRRI NE, Aisha JB’s recently completed Hausa novel, takes readers on a journey through the life of Rauda, a young girl who dreams of achieving her educational goals despite the obstacles that stand in her way. The novel’s central theme revolves around the importance of education and the struggles of women and girls in a society that often undervalues their potential.

The story begins with Rauda’s frustration at her school’s closure due to the government’s inability to provide adequate support for education. Rauda’s mother tries to console her, but it is Umma, her friend, who manages to put a smile back on her face. However, Rauda’s happiness is short-lived as she soon learns that her uncle, who is responsible for her education, is unsupportive of her academic pursuits.

Rauda’s uncle is a domineering figure who does not believe in the importance of education for girls. He restricts Rauda’s access to education and makes it difficult for her to attend school regularly. Rauda’s frustration with her uncle’s behavior leads her to request a change of schools, but her uncle dismisses her request and blames her for the situation.

Rauda’s determination to pursue her education despite her uncle’s objections is a testament to her resilience and courage. She refuses to give up on her dreams and seeks to find a way to continue her studies. The novel depicts the challenges faced by young girls in societies that do not value their education and highlights the need for change in such systems.

The novel also explores themes of family, friendship, and societal norms. Rauda’s mother is a supportive figure who encourages her daughter to pursue her dreams despite the odds. Umma is a loyal friend who stands by Rauda’s side throughout her struggles. The societal norms depicted in the novel are oppressive to women, but Rauda refuses to conform and instead fights for her right to education.

SIRRI NE is a well-written novel that captures the essence of the struggles faced by young girls in societies that do not value their education. Aisha JB’s use of the Hausa language adds to the authenticity of the story, making it relatable to readers who are familiar with the culture. The novel’s message is a powerful one that resonates with readers of all ages and backgrounds. It highlights the importance of education, particularly for girls, and the need for change in societal attitudes towards women’s education.

Description and Prolouge of SIRRI NE

Umma was getting closer to my mother’s back like this until she managed to grab my hand and said. “Mom, I’m fine, you lied to me jokingly, what about your father?” a stupid heartbreak was relieved, then she said. “Mom, you have been doing this for a long time since it was already said that your school is closed,” she pulled my hand and we sat down.

“Abbu, please change my school, I am tired of this stupid behavior, he doesn’t let us study, I am tired of studying for three months and they will come back to God, I feel very angry with this government” Abbu sighed and said . “Am I the one who put you in the school? Why did you choose and you said that I got the right for what he did to you? Thank you Kenna from the beginning but you told me to leave” he stood up and raised his shoulder as a sign that this is my problem and he said. “If you say that your uncle has changed for you, then she will follow you and you will leave the money.” After that he left, Umma said. “Mama, God has prepared for you now and you said that Faruq has changed for you, and he is following you, and he has left me.” There is no one to restrict me. I went to the toilet and went to take a bath with the clean one.

Then I came out and prayed quietly. I offered the afternoon prayer at two o’clock. uniform, shirt and pants, but the person’s enthusiasm was tied to the ground, I took my book bag and sprayed my body with perfume until I left. If you wear your uniform, you will see bad people like Mr. Yusuf on the wall, he will make people clean, but today I am on the top of my head and there is no teacher who will stay with me and stay safe because his uncle will visit. He was unkind even when I came out and I met Umma who was going into the kitchen to make a salad and then she said. “RAUDA, how about you? This beautiful lady said you are going to a gala or dinner on me, and I will talk to you about this stubborn lady”
I said, “Well, Umma, you laughed at me when you said that I was just thinking about something, and I don’t care about the opinion of other people. I don’t care about their opinion, that’s all they have to stop me, I won’t do that.

” I’m back” she looked at him and said. “Come back safe” I said. “God made it so” mom went to school today, I was walking to get into the car because uncle said he didn’t want to come here.

 “Are you my sister..?” I turned around in anger, I didn’t expect that, but he knew that if he talks, I won’t cross, so he met my mother, so I went to see his mother today. When our class came home, I went to their house and I didn’t do it for a month.
And I said to the students in the classroom, “everyone calm down in class today, I’ll show you your mother, your mother, go to my mother, or your father is better than my father, and you are so angry with me, mother, that all the problems we have with a person, don’t dare to call your parents.” I took you or my uncle, because my strength is at the end of my life. I don’t know why you’re staying. If you’re late, fifty naira, then you should know that I’ll be calling from today


Warning!!! ❌❌
  Only Matan Aure… Only marriage women

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