Sikelelwa Mona Obituary News; Teen’s Body Found Metres Away From Home

Sikelelwa Mona has been identified as the teen’s body which was found dead metres from her parents home, her reason for murder remains unknown to family. May the soul rest in peace.

Mona was reportedly 18 years old while she was found dead from Taiwan, Site C in Khayelitsha, who was reportedly given alcohol mixed with eye-gene drops before she was raped by her two neighbours.

Mona was reportedly found dead by her friends, while they noticed her on the floor unresponsive on Saturday morning, July 7, 2023, a few hours after her friend called her from her home to hang out with them at the neighbour’s house.

Chithiwe Florence Mona, the mother of the lady stated that her daughter was found dead at a neighbour’s house without her clothes and a piece of her private part cut off.

“Sikelwa’s friend came to fetch her on Saturday morning, saying they will come back shortly. A few hours went by, and the same friend returned, crying, telling us that she could not wake her up. Getting to where her body was, we found her lying on a bed with a piece of her private part cut off. Her body was still warm, but she was not replying to anything. I asked the neighbours to help me carry her outside, thinking maybe she needed some air, but she never woke up,”

“When the police asked what she was fed, the same friend who came to report, directed them to a suitcase saying the guys took out a white small bottle from there and mixed it with her alcohol. On the bottle was written eye-gene,”

The family and neighbours said police arrested the two men and two women who were in the house with Mona, but it was reported that they were seen around the next day.

Community leaders Nobathembu Seplani and Odwa Goxo said: “Following the reports that the four individuals were released, we as the community will go to police to find out the reason behind them being released, and if they won’t be rearrested, we expect them to pay for the buria because we don’t want the situation to result in us, as the community, having to take the matters into our own hands.”

SAPS spokesperson Joseph Swartbooi said: “Khayelitsha police attended a complaint on Saturday, 8 July 2023. Upon arrival at Site C, at about 14.00, they found the body of an unknown woman. The victim was declared deceased on the scene by medical personnel. Khayelitsha police registered an inquest for further investigation”.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stop anonymously on 08600 10111.