Shaterica Queshun Bell Obituary News: Robinsonville, Miss. shooting death of Shaterica Queshun Bell

Shaterica Queshun Bell Obituary News: Robinsonville, Miss. shooting death of Shaterica Queshun Bell

At around 9:50 p.m. on January 5, tragic events occurred when a worrisome 911 call was received by the Tunica County Sheriff’s Office. The caller stated that their mother had been shot inside an apartment on Kirby Road in Robinsonville, Mississippi, and that the youngster had sought safety with a neighbor.

Sheriff Deputies and other first responders promptly responded to the call and raced to the area, only to hear the terrifying sound of further gunfire coming from inside the house. To make matters more worrisome, two more children were discovered outside.

While the scene was chaotic, deputies managed to obtain information that a lady, her infant child, and a man lived in the flat. Law officers moved quickly to control the area and guarantee the safety of the neighboring people who had to leave their houses.

After speaking with the man suspect inside the apartment, Sheriff Deputies were able to persuade him to give up his firearm and leave the area. The suspect, subsequently identified as Donald Demario Patrick, 37, of Tunica, Mississippi, was taken into custody at around 10:35 p.m.

Patrick told the police that he had shot his child’s mother, exposing the presence of a newborn within the home. Patrick’s acts have shocked the community, and he is currently being jailed at the Tunica County Detention Center while charges are pending.

When deputies broke into the house, they found Shaterica Queshun Bell, a black woman, suffering from a gunshot wound. Sadly, Bell passed away from her wounds and the Tunica County Coroner declared her dead at the scene despite efforts to revive her.

In the meantime, the baby was inside the apartment, amazingly unscathed.

While the investigation progresses and the community comes to terms with Shaterica Queshun Bell’s tragic passing, authorities are working hard to piece together the circumstances behind this terrible tragedy.