SHAHAAB Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Amnah El Yaqub

SHAHAAB Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Amnah El Yaqub is a captivating story that takes us on a journey to the northern part of Nigeria, where we get to see the day-to-day activities of the people and their struggles. The story is set in Chamo, a small town in Dutse Area, Jigawa State, where we meet an old woman called Hajja, who is anxiously waiting for her daughter-in-law to give birth.

The author does an excellent job of portraying the characters in the story and their unique personalities. Hajja, for example, is depicted as a wise old woman who is deeply concerned about the well-being of her family. She is also very opinionated and not afraid to speak her mind, as we see when she expresses her views on the way some of the young girls in the town dress.

The story also introduces us to Aisha, a young girl who is curious about the world around her and loves listening to the radio. Aisha is a relatable character, and her passion for learning and exploring is infectious.

As the story progresses, we get to see the different challenges faced by the people in the town. We see the struggles of Jummai’s daughter, who is in the hospital, and the pain of her family as they wait for her to give birth. We also get a glimpse into the corruption and inequality that exists in the society, as we learn about the young businessman, MAHMUD WAKILI, who gives the Nigerian football team a prize of thirty million naira, while the poor people in the town struggle to make ends meet.

One of the things that stand out about SHAHAAB is the author’s use of language. The story is written in Hausa, which gives it an authentic feel and allows the reader to immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of the people. The language is also rich and poetic, making it a pleasure to read.

Description and Prolouge of SHAHAAB

Chamo, Dutse Area (Jigawa State)

An old woman, about sixty-six years old, walked into a small house of the poor, and she kept saying, “Oh! This is a thing that shows her value, she wears a small skirt, a skirt, and so on.” Aura, I know about it, today, look at the children of the hospital, they are looking

She finished her speech by getting a small chair and sitting down. Ummah who was sitting beside her and cutting onions on a stick said, “Good morning to Hajj, hasn’t she given birth yet?”

The one called Hajja said, “She hasn’t given birth yet, this girl is seeing torture, they say that she has been torn to death.”

Ummah rolled her eyes and said “Four?”

She spoke and said, “He saw Hudu Hadiza, a girl was there. She was looking, and she cursed Arziqi, and she was looking at me. She was afraid that her granddaughter would die.”

“She’s a slim girl, will you see her as a tall girl when she’s giving birth?” according to the Ummah

Hajja said, “She is my wife, she is like a Sanda.”

Ummah said, “Hajj, what did Sandar say?”

The one who was called Hajja said, “Stand up and tell Sandar, this chest is in the morning, it’s the father’s height. Since then, she has been saying that it’s my head, but keep quiet, I’m going to go back.”

A girl came out of Hajja’s room, she was not more than eighteen years old, she started asking how tall she is. For the two, she chose Hajja Harara, and then she took her shoes and went to the bathroom, thinking in her mind that she must be with her younger sister. Is it called Sanda man? ????

Hajja Databi After looking at the girl, she felt sad and said, “I know that she is in trouble, since we started to kill the family, we entered the house and wore hijab. She always wears hijab as if it is a disaster. He walks around wearing a hijab, we are not related to the imams, this temptation is still there, with this heat of the world, a person will even walk around wearing a hijab.

Ummah smiled and didn’t say a word, she said in her heart, “I’m close.”

When the girl came out of the bathroom, Hajja was still there, she squatted down to perform ablution, then she washed her face and took off her hijab. At one point, her hair was smooth and long, and her hair was shiny because she had washed , Hajja looked at her and opened her mouth and went into her room where the girl was walking

The Ummah looked at her and said, “Aisha, if you offer the prayer to your beloved, here is Hajj.”

Before answering her, Hajja walked out of her room with Vanillah’s condom in her hand and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say, Jummai’s daughter is there in the hospital, her life is in the hands of God. I see her crying.”

Who was called Aisha, she opened her little pink mouth, in her thin voice she looked at Hajja and said, “But that hair doesn’t stop you from kissing Vanillah.”

Before Hajja answered, a boy saluted his father and said, “Hajja Ai, don’t you listen to the fifty verses?”

She took the money, touched his ear and said to him, “Bring me a bag of chicken.”

The boy said “Okay” and left the house

Aisha finished the prayer, then walked inside the house with her hand on the radio and playing it.

She took the kanzan in front of the Ummah, she sat down next to Hajja, then she put the radio aside, she said Bismillah and started eating the kanzan, the combination of the kanzan was very pleasant for her. It’s what she said when reading the news, “then listeners, go ahead
Listen to Freedom Radio in Jigawa State to get video reports and pictures on the stories of Nigeria, Niger and other parts of the world. , in the federal city of Abuja, the famous businessman, and the young President of E.F.C.C, who is best known as MAHMUD WAKILI, gave the Nigerian football team a prize of thirty million naira, as a result of their success, they won the African Champions Cup. , the young man who knows his job, where he works hard to prevent corruption in this country, MAHMUD WAKILI was… “

She quickly turned off the radio, she didn’t hear the end of the story, she lowered herself and stared at the man in front of her.

I don’t know why she didn’t just listen to the man and he didn’t make any noise, what is the noise here and even the radio station will be talking about? Because of God, all of the people who give money to him know that they have character, the poor people need help, but the big ones don’t give them anything. Today is tomorrow, now Yan Ball will take money and give them up to thirty million.

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