Sen. Mary Jane Garcia Obituary, Former New Mexico State Senator Mary Jane Garcia Passes Away

The Dona Ana County government announced on social media the passing of former New Mexico state senator Mary Jane Garcia, who served as the Roundhouse’s representative for the Las Cruces region for more than 20 years.

According to an internet biography, she was 87 years old. From 1988 to 2012, Garcia, a Democrat from Dona Ana, New Mexico, served as the state Senate representative for the Las Cruces region.

According to the biography, Garcia is descended from the early settlers of Doña Ana village, who arrived around 1840.

The Dona Ana County administration released the following statement on Facebook on behalf of Garcia’s family.

“It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of former State Senator Mary Jane Garcia, who represented New Mexico District 36 in the state Senate for 24 years, including service as Majority Whip.

“As a state senator, former Senator Garcia fought for the protection of children and families, introducing and passing Megan’s Law, the Deadly Child Abuse Act, the Family Violence Act, and the Missing Children’s Act. Her community service extended across many areas of advocacy to include at-risk youth programs, animal rights, border health issues, education, historic preservation projects, human trafficking, subdivision, and welfare reform.

The late Senator Garcia devoted her entire life to serving the public and never stopped trying to make Doña Ana County residents’ lives better. She was well-known for her volunteer work and took great satisfaction in her time spent working as a Red Cross volunteer during the Vietnam War (1966–1972) and working with a private contractor in Saigon as part of what is regarded as the largest military construction project in history.

“New Mexico has lost one of its great public servants in Mary Jane Garcia,” state Sen. Jeff Steinborn, who is the current state senator representing Garcia’s former district. “Mary Jane was a leader who fiercely advocated for and passed legislation on important issues in New Mexico including human rights and animal welfare. She was also a tremendous cultural and historic preservationist who worked for decades to preserve the history of her beloved community, the Village of Doña Ana, and cared deeply for her constituents.”