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Scott Richards WBRC Obituary News: Longtime Birmingham anchor, Scott Richards WBRC has died

Scott Richards WBRC Obituary News: Longtime Birmingham anchor, Scott Richards WBRC has died

With the passing of longtime WBRC anchor Scott Richards, the city of Birmingham is grieving the loss of a cherished member of its broadcasting community.

Pennsylvania-born Richards adorned the screens of WBRC 6 from February 1981 to January 2014, making a lasting impression on the audience during his illustrious tenure.

After serving in the United States Army, Scott Richards started his broadcasting career in 1971 while stationed in the Panama Canal Zone with the Southern Command Network.

This was the beginning of his journey to become an exceptional broadcaster.

Richards continued his education at the University of Louisville while honing his talents as a writer, photographer, and news producer after being released from active duty.

His commitment to the trade sent him to several locations, including Cincinnati, Ohio, and Louisville, Kentucky, before he finally made his home at WBRC in Birmingham.

After joining WBRC, Richards’s visage rapidly became recognizable to viewers in Birmingham, where she first co-hosted the evening news with Bev Montgomery.

Later, he and co-anchor Janet Hall forged a strong team that captivated viewers with their expertise, morality, and unshakable dedication to providing the news in the best possible way.

Richards received multiple honors during his career at WBRC, including being admitted into the esteemed “Silver Circle” of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and winning nine times as “Best News Anchor in Alabama.”

The influence of Scott Richards went well beyond the newsroom.

He established Scott Richards Video in 2000 and produced “Life Story” pieces that gave viewers poignant peeks into the lives of people in the community and were broadcast on WBRC during significant occasions.

Richards also demonstrated his commitment to improving the lives of others by serving on the board of directors for Glenwood Autism and Behavioral Health Services.