SAURAYINA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Mujaheeda Matar Malam

Saurayina is a Hausa love novel written by Mujaheeda Matar Malam, which is an enthralling tale of four friends- Hairat, Hiddah, Umar, and Amar. The story takes place in a typical Hausa setting, where religion and culture play a vital role in people’s lives. The story revolves around the lives of these four friends, and how they face different challenges, especially in love and relationships.


Hairat is a beautiful and kind-hearted woman who is calm and deeply religious. She works in a bank and has completed her secondary education. She is married and waiting for her salary to be released. Hairat is a perfect woman, and everyone who knows her admires her for her virtues. Hiddah is another friend of Hairat, who is a good girl and is married to a man who is not a resident of the town. The two women are close friends, and they share their secrets and dreams with each other.

Umar is a young man who has faced many challenges in his life. When he was young, his parents separated, and his mother took care of him. Despite the difficulties he faced, Umar has a lot of confidence and knowledge. He is a righteous man who lets his wife take her two younger brothers under his care. He put them all together and made them Amakaranta before secondary and now they have finished and are waiting for their next week. Amar is a young man with a beautiful face, who is well-liked by both men and women. He is Umar’s best friend, and the two are inseparable.

The four friends follow the sundao from Islam right, and they are deeply religious. Hairat and Hiddah are very good friends, and Umar and Amar are also very close to each other. One day, they met Hiddah on the way, and they decided to go trekking. Hiddah was excited and suggested that they invite Hairat to come along. Amar agreed, and they went to Hairat’s house to invite her.

Hairat was initially hesitant, but she eventually agreed to go with them. However, during their trek, Hiddah teased Hairat about Umar, which made Hairat feel uncomfortable. Hairat was angry and went home, and her mother noticed that she was upset. Her mother asked her about her anger, but Hairat refused to talk about it.

Later on, Umar woke up Hairat and asked her about her anger. Hairat revealed that Hiddah had made her uncomfortable by teasing her about Umar. Umar listened attentively and comforted Hairat. The two developed feelings for each other, and their relationship deepened over time.

Saurayina is an excellent Hausa love novel that showcases the beauty of Hausa culture and the importance of religion in people’s lives. The characters are relatable, and their struggles and triumphs are a reflection of real-life situations. Mujaheeda Matar Malam has done an excellent job of creating a compelling story that will keep readers engaged until the very end. Anyone who loves romance novels will enjoy reading Saurayina.


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