Sarah Somerset-How and George Webb Jailed For 11 Years For Enslaving Disabled Husband

Sarah Somerset and George Webb are identified as the two people who have been held guilty of holding Tom Somerset in slave-like conditions and three counts of ill-treatment by a caretaker.

Tom Somerset who is identified as the suspect described Webb’s temper as a “nuclear bomb.” “during trial at Portsmouth Crown Court and he too was convicted of causing actual bodily harm.

Sarah Somerset and George Webb were known as the couples from Bognor Regis in West Sussex, who abused and exploited Mr Somerset-How, leaving him malnourished and trapped in bed.

Tom Somerset condition confiled him to a wheelchair and has cerebral palsy. The abuse was discovered by a friend and sister of Mr Somerset-How, an actress who has been in Holby City and Silent Witness.

Somerset-How told the court that he was surprised to discover that his wife and Webb had a “five-year plan” to exploit it.

He said they “despised” him.”The extent of the betrayal was difficult to bear for a long time,” she said in a victim impact statement. “I felt like they were just keeping me alive, when the reality hit me, this really was my life, I wanted to end it all, I couldn’t even handle that.

”He said that before he met his wife, he had a career, friends and a “great life,” but when Mr. Webb entered his life as his caretaker in 2016, all of that came to a halt.

In a candid statement, the individual expressed their struggle in conveying the events to their family, but ultimately found the courage to disclose the abuse inflicted upon them in August of last year. In a distressing incident, a disability was callously mocked, likening it to the beloved character ET.

In a statement, the individual expressed their belief that it was in the best interest of others to keep their distance, in order to shield them from the potential harm caused by George and the destructive power he possessed.

In a commendable display of courage, Mr. Somerset-How’s bravery was lauded by Judge William Ashworth, who also made note of the arduous conditions he had endured. In a shocking revelation, it has come to light that an individual, whose identity remains undisclosed, endured a harrowing experience of being held captive as a slave for a minimum of two years and eight months.

During this period, the victim was confined to a bed, subjected to severe deprivation of essential sustenance such as food and water, and forcibly isolated from their loved ones behind closed curtains. Disturbingly, the victim was frequently left in unsanitary conditions, surrounded by their own urine and excrement, while being neglected and denied basic hygiene.

According to the individual, he stated, “He was subjected to denigration and humiliation by the defendants, who also disregarded his requests to use the bathroom.” According to the individual, the defendants allegedly ridiculed his disability and drew comparisons between him and the extraterrestrial character from the film ET.

In a surprising turn of events, Webb, who was initially hired to fulfill the role of caretaker for Mr. Somerset-How, has now been implicated in a conspiracy involving his wife. According to a spokesperson from Sussex Police, text messages retrieved from the defendants’ mobile phones revealed evidence of their involvement in a sexual relationship.

Additionally, the messages indicated that they intentionally neglected their victim in order to partake in drug use and make plans for social outings. In a statement, Somerset-How expressed that although the guilty verdicts would not be able to undo the psychological damage, they would provide him with a sense of closure and aid in his journey towards moving forward in life. In a stunning verdict, the defendants have been acquitted of charges related to fraud and theft.