SAKACINA Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Mujaheeda Matar Malam

Sakacina is a Hausa love novel written by Mujaheeda Matar Malam. The novel revolves around the story of a young woman named Ana who is trying to escape from an evil creature wearing her Abaya. She runs away without knowing what the creature is, but her only goal is to escape from it. The novel is full of suspense, drama, and romance.


Ana is released from her Abaya and looks back to see the thing she was running from. It turns out to be the wife of someone she had touched from a long distance. She opens her mouth and laughs at Hadida’s creation, blowing some air out of her mouth. She is not laughing because of the strong wind; she is just wet.

The story takes a turn when Mata is dragged into a pit by a snake, and Razane hears a loud scream. She quickly hears him and tries to help him. Ana is sweating and struggling to stay in her room, despite the strong cold in the room, which is freezing her body. When A Zama approaches her, he should have gone to his body and asked, Are you okay, dear? What happened to you?

Sam tries to calm down Balantana, who doesn’t know why she touched Ansa. Her body is shaking so much, and Sam cannot calm her down. Seeing Sam, she didn’t understand why he started praying for her and spitting on her because he noticed that she was the one who stole his life. He used to say prayers to her Ayatul Kursiyu Falak and Nas went to class with verse 5 in Suratul Bakara. That made him calm even when he was quiet when he looked at her, and she was breathing slowly. But despite that, her expression shows that she is afraid of all the people clinging to her body.

Bashida’s choice is more than praising his body. They almost didn’t wake up until 8:00 AM, and the outside light began to enter through the curtains of the room. Slowly he opened his eyes, and the light turned back and closed. He opened it again, quickly trying to stretch and put Ana aside. Hearing his movements, she sat down and closed her eyes, coldly saying, Yadai dear love.

Yariga Yamike was going into the bathroom to pray, and his friend Saida made ablution and came out, saying, Oya, we are late for prayer, we are late, look at the clock, and see the light is very clear. Shinfida’s praying mat was on the floor, and she began to pray without stopping. She didn’t stop until she fell asleep on the bed.

The novel is written in a unique style that captures the readers’ attention from the beginning to the end. Mujaheeda Matar Malam has done an excellent job of portraying the emotions and feelings of the characters in the novel. The characters are well developed, and the plot is intriguing.

Sakacina is a must-read for lovers of Hausa love novels. The novel is full of suspense, drama, and romance, and the unique writing style of Mujaheeda Matar Malam makes it a fascinating read. The novel is a testament to the author’s exceptional storytelling skills and her ability to capture the reader’s attention. Overall, it is an enjoyable and engaging read that will leave readers wanting more.

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