SAKACI Completed Hausa Novel Document Written By Mugirat Musa

SAKACI is a touching and inspiring novel written by Mugirat Musa, a Nigerian author. The novel tells the story of Yaseer, a young man who is frustrated and saddened by the fact that he cannot find a suitable life partner. He is married to Nazifa, a wealthy woman who has no interest in caring for him or their children. Yaseer is left to depend on Fauzeeya, the maid who takes care of the family.

The story is set in a big parlor that contains luxury goods everywhere. The parlor is beautifully arranged and orderly, reflecting the life that Yaseer desires. He sits on the cushion in the parlor, lost in his thoughts, as he contemplates his life and the people around him. He is worried and frustrated by the fact that he cannot find a good life partner.

Yaseer’s wife, Nazifa, enters the room with their children, Sameer and Sameera. Sameer, the smarter of the two children, comes to his father and hugs him with deep love. Yaseer asks if they are safe, and Sameer assures him that they are. Nazifa joins them and sits down with a beautiful smile on her face. She apologizes for stopping Yaseer from taking Fauzeeya inside the house and asks if she gave him food. Yaseer confirms that Fauzeeya did her best without any physical problems or issues.

Nazifa tells Yaseer that she is tired and needs to take a bath. Sameera stands up and hits her face as if she is going to cry. Nazifa consoles her and takes her to the room. Yaseer is left alone with his thoughts and anger towards his wife.

The novel portrays the struggles of a man who is trapped in a loveless marriage. Yaseer is left to depend on the maid who takes care of the family. He is frustrated by the fact that his wife does not care for him or their children. He is trapped in a world of luxury goods and wealth, but he is not happy. He longs for a life partner who will care for him and love him.

The novel is beautifully written, with vivid descriptions of the characters and the setting. Mugirat Musa has a way of painting a picture with words, making the reader feel as though they are right there in the parlor with Yaseer and his family. The emotions of the characters are palpable, and the reader can feel the frustration and sadness that Yaseer is going through.

The novel is a reflection of the societal pressures faced by men in Nigeria to get married and start a family. The pressure to find a suitable life partner can be overwhelming, and the consequences of making the wrong choice can be devastating. Mugirat Musa has done an excellent job of highlighting these issues in her novel.

Description and Prolouge of SAKACI

It is inside a big parlor that contains luxury goods everywhere inside it will be orderly and beautiful, the young man of the house is sitting on the cushion that is lying in the parlor and he is very worried and you can see him with one look. the tears of frustration and sadness in his eyes because they were not brave enough to be so worried, a kind of bitterness and anger in his heart is the reason for not finding a good life partner, he kept silent and repeated in his heart because the worldly things are worth to him because his wife Nazifa does not give him his right that hangs over her, she has nothing to focus on but to become a wealthy billionaire. Yaseer.
   He fell into the world of thoughts, then Nazifa, holding the hands of her children, Sameer and Sameera, came into the middle of the parlour. He didn’t say a word, Sameer, who was smarter, came to his father and told his son to hug him with deep love for his son, caressing his head with a smile that didn’t make him happy, he opened his mouth and said “Sameer, I hope you find them safe?”.
  “Their health is as good as they say they are.”
  Yaseer took a deep breath and looked at Nazifa and said, “I am answering”.
  That’s when Nazifa came to him and sat down with a beautiful smile on her face and said, “Daddy Sameer, we let you take one inside the house, sorry, it was an excuse to stop me”.
  The smile that shows pure sadness and frustration said to her “don’t worry Nazifa, I didn’t commit any crime, Fauzeeya didn’t leave this house for a long time”.
  She took off her scarf and faced him and said, “Ayyah, she gave you food and she didn’t make you hungry?”
  Yaseer went away and said, “Indeed, thank God, the girl is doing her best without any physical problems or problems”.
  “God willing, that’s what I want to hear. Now let me go inside and take a bath. I’m very tired.” She said.
  “don’t worry you can go”.
  “Well”. She said standing up. Baby Sameera stood up and hit her face as if she was going to cry.
  Nazifa looked at her with love and said, “What happened to my baby, are you angry?”.
  Sameera smiled and said, “I will also celebrate in the room”.
  “Well, this is not something to be angry about, my daughter”. Closing her mouth, she took Sameera’s hand and they left the parlor and went to her room.

  Seeing that they left the parlor, Yaseer started to feel his heart, and she was angry with him. He lost what he used to enjoy because he needed Nazifa’s care, but she had nothing to do with him, even with making the bed, Fauzeeya, her maid. What do you do to him, he lost his wife, she has no secrets, she has nothing to hide, Fauzeeya trusts her without trusting her a hundred times.

  In his heart, he said that Nazifa was not using his wife for anything, since she went to bed and asked for money, there was nothing she could do. No, he let out a sigh of frustration and looked at Sameer and said, “My boy, go to your mom’s place, I’ll go out now.”
  Sameer shrugged his shoulders and said, “Dad, I’ll go with you.”

  Yaseer pressed his forehead in worry and said, “ohh, Sameer, you are too worried”.

  “I’m sorry dad, I’ll see you later”.

  Yaseer smiled at him and said, “Okay, let’s get up and go there, since you are moving”.

  Sameer stood up while Yaseer took his hand and they went to the parking lot. When they arrived, Yaseer put his son in the car and he also went around the driver’s seat and sat down. the destination of Yaseer’s parents’ house.
  Nazifa entered the room and sat Sameera on the bed looking at her, she took off her clothes and put a towel in her pocket and fell into the bathroom with the intention of taking a bath. She took a towel and went to the dressing mirror, she pulled the chair facing the mirror and sat down and started to apply lotions in her cosmetic bag and took out her beautiful makeup. and she sprayed her body with sweet-smelling perfume.
  She was finishing her preparations and came back to Sameera and sat down. Baby Sameera looked at her mother and said, “Mom, you are very beautiful.”

  Nazifa smiled and said, “Am I really beautiful?”.

  “Yes mom, I’m serious”.

  Nazifa was about to speak again and her phone rang as a sign that she was being called quickly. She picked up her phone and answered it saying “hello bestie Safiya”.

  Abangaren Safiya frowned and said, “How are you, Nazifa, and Sameer?”.

  “Are they all right in the morning, what about the children?”.

  “They seem to be in Nazifa, the reason why I called you is that the goods that we sent to you have arrived now, so get ready to come tomorrow and we will meet at the store”.

   “OK, don’t worry. In the morning, what time will we meet tomorrow?”.

  My morning

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