Ron Abrantes Obituary News: Newfane, NY Resident Ron Abrantes Dies at 65

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Ron Abrantes Obituary News: Newfane, NY Resident Ron Abrantes Dies at 65

Ronald “Jim” Abrantes, 65, wrote the last page of the book that was his life on January 25, 2024, surrounded by the love of his devoted wife. The community of Newfane, New York, sends a fond farewell to a beloved member. Ron was raised in Gouverneur, New York, and his life has been characterized by his commitment to duty, love of his family, and his nation.

With his death, a chapter full of achievement, adventure, and treasured memories comes to a close. Ron’s life story exemplifies tenacity and fortitude. In 1978, following his graduation from Philadelphia, New York’s Indian River Central High School, he proudly heeded the call to duty and enlisted in the US Navy.

Ron’s love for the electrical trade was sparked by his experience serving aboard the U.S.S. MacDonough and traveling the world during his time in the Navy. Ron left the Navy and went on to work for General Motors, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), and finally the New York Power Authority. Ron’s unwavering commitment and work ethic earned him the respect and admiration of his peers and colleagues throughout his career.

After a fruitful and satisfying career, Ron retired from the New York Power Authority in 2020, starting a new chapter in his life. But as he embraced the chance to spend more time with his loved ones and follow his passions, Ron’s dedication to his family and community only grew stronger in retirement.

Ron was above all a loving husband, father, and grandfather whose generosity and love had no limits. The fact that his cherished wife remained by his side right up until the very end is evidence of their strong relationship and the love that saw them through their entire journey together. In addition to celebrating Ronald “Jim” Abrantes’ legacy, the community laments his passing.

His life served as an example of the strength of devotion, love, and service, and everyone who had the honor of knowing him will always be motivated by his memory. Let us endeavor to imitate Ron’s resilient attitude, his steadfast devotion to family, and his commitment to helping others as a way to pay tribute to his memory. Even if his physical presence is no longer with us, his legacy will endure in the hearts of everyone he touched with his compassion and love. Ron, may you rest in peace. Although we will really miss you, your legacy will live on forever.