Roger Pike Obituary; St. John’s Neighbor, Roger Pike Passed Away At 75

On October 13, Roger Pike, a cherished friend and neighbor, died in St. John’s, New Brunswick. As seen by his obituary, he lived a life that was rich in affection, kindness, and volunteerism. Roger Pike, who was born on April 7, 1948, lived a life that was quite significant. He lived each of his 75 years with a passion for life and a dedication to making the world a better place.

Roger was more than just a local; he played a significant role in the development of St. John’s. Countless others called him neighbor, friend, and wise counselor. Even on the cloudiest of days, Roger’s grin and generosity would bring a ray of sunshine. Throughout his life, Roger never wavered in his dedication to helping others. He volunteered extensively with several groups in his community, especially those he felt strongly about.

Roger was constantly ready to lend a hand, whether it was by planning charity events for the school or working at the neighborhood shelter. He left a lasting impression with his service. Roger was a caring husband and father who also gave back to his community. He leaves behind Amanda, Matthew, and Emily, his wife of 50 years, together with their kids. Roger’s loved ones, who honor and uphold them, will carry on his values of compassion and kindness.