Rofhiwa Madzinge Car Accident; Bishop RC Died In A Tragic Car Accident- Obituary News

In a devastating turn of events, the Christian Worship Centre community was struck by tragedy on Monday, August 21, when their beloved pastor tragically lost his life in a fatal crash.

Rofhiwa Madzinge was involved in a car accident.

In a devastating turn of events, Bishop R.C. Madzinge Rofhiwa, a prominent figure at the Christian Worship Centre, has tragically passed away, leaving the community in deep sorrow and disbelief.

On Monday, August 21, 2023, a tragic incident occurred as reports emerged of a deadly accident on the N1 highway resulting in the loss of a life. The legacy of Bishop R.C. Madzinge Rofhiwa, characterised by faith, compassion, and community enrichment, will leave an indelible mark on all those who had the privilege of experiencing his presence.

In the wake of his departure, a significant void has been left behind, one that cannot be filled. However, the impact of his teachings and influence will persist, serving as a source of inspiration and encouragement. It is certain that his memory will remain a beacon of light amidst the sorrow of this profound loss.

Rofhiwa Madzinge was indeed a great sheperd and beloved father figure to many. He will be greatly missed by his loved ones and family. May they be strengthened to bear the lost. May is soul rest in peace.