Robin Whittle Obituary, Beloved Teacher Robin Whittle Dies From Critical Injuries

Devastated village of Parowan following the death of a cherished teacher from serious injuries

Living in Parowan, Kari Marsh stated, “I feel like we’re going to feel that void because she was always just looking out for other people, and so kind.”

Parowan is in mourning for Robin Whittle, who was sixty-two years old. She spent eleven years as a teacher in the Iron County School District. She most recently worked at Iron Springs Elementary as a first-grade teacher.

“We’re deeply saddened by her loss,” said Shauna Lund with the Iron County School District. “We feel it as a small school district and we feel it as a whole school community when we lose someone.”

Parowan police report that on December 31, they were called to a residence located at 488 W. Highway 91 for a woman who had suffered significant injuries. After being brought to the hospital, she died. She was a light, and her community says she is terribly missed.

There’s more people in this town that have been impacted by her than we even know about,” added Marsh. She was Whittle’s friend and fondly recalls how Whittle helped take care of her kids when Marsh was sick. “But there’s been so many comments saying that she was a great teacher or she was a great friend. She was also a great leader. I think that’s hard for us to let her go.”

In an attempt to ascertain Whittle’s precise circumstances, FOX 13 News has been in communication with the Parowan City police department. They claim that the inquiry is still ongoing, that no official cause of death has been determined, and that they are still trying to determine what went wrong.

According to the Iron County School District, counselors are available at the school to assist staff and kids who require assistance in dealing with the tragedy. “We added more therapists and counselors to the school on Wednesday, since students needed someone to talk to in addition to the faculty and staff, who were also grieving over the loss. Students did not return to class until Wednesday.