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Robert Kaylor Obituary-Death News; Canton Central Catholic High School Well-Known Priest, Robert Kaylor Passes Away

Robert Kaylor Obituary-Death News; Canton Central Catholic High School Well-Known Priest, Robert Kaylor Passes Away

We say goodbye to Rev. Fr. Robert Kaylor, a beloved member of the Crusader family, with great grief and heavy hearts. Fr. Kaylor was a distinguished graduate of Central Catholic High School in 1962.

He served the Crusader community and the larger society for more than 40 years, creating a lasting impact in his roles as a priest, educator, president, principal, civic leader, and friend.

The journey of Fr. Kaylor was truly exceptional, marked by an unwavering dedication and selflessness to the betterment of others.

In his capacity as principal, he significantly influenced Central Catholic High School’s academic environment and left a lasting impression on the many students who had the good fortune to receive his mentorship and advice.

Fr. Kaylor (Class of 1962 Crusader graduate) worked as a priest, teacher, principal, president, civic leader, and friend for almost 40 years, serving both the Crusader family and the greater community.

He consistently spoke up for his children and staff, encouraged them from the sidelines, and offered prayers for his neighborhood. He truly embodied the spirit of a crusader.

His dedication to Central Catholic High School has had a profound impact on a great number of students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Every person who has walked or will walk through our hallways will carry on his legacy. Outside of the academic world, Fr. Kaylor was a shining example of inspiration in his capacity as a priest, influencing the lives of many people with his wise counsel and kind demeanor.

Because of his dedication to building a feeling of community outside of the school, he was well-liked by the general public.

Serving as a civic leader, Fr. Kaylor made a significant contribution to the community’s well-being and demonstrated the ideals that Central Catholic taught him early in life.

His participation in a number of programs, such as Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio, demonstrated his unwavering dedication to social responsibility and the advancement of society as a whole. The Crusader family is very saddened by the news of Fr. Kaylor’s demise.

Following a protracted illness, he departed on November 10th in the evening, bringing an end to a life devoted to leadership, devotion, and compassion.

We find comfort in the knowing that he died quietly while sleeping and left behind a legacy that will be honored and remembered with gratitude.

The influence of Fr. Robert Kaylor reverberates through the ages on Central Catholic High School and the surrounding community.

Those that had the honor of knowing him will always carry his memory with them, and his energy will serve as an inspiration to upcoming Crusader generations. I hope he finds eternal peace.