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Richard Swainson Obituary-Death News; A Cherished Independent Videographer at Derby Theatre Has Passed Away

Richard Swainson Obituary-Death News; A Cherished Independent Videographer at Derby Theatre Has Passed Away

We bid Richard Swainson, a legendary personality in the videography industry and a pillar of support for In Good Company and many other local artists, a fond farewell with heavy hearts and deep sorrow.

Richard Swainson took the videography industry by storm. His loss will have a lasting impact on everyone who had the honor of knowing “Rich,” as he was lovingly called. Richard will always have an impact on the arts.

Following the untimely passing of renowned freelance cameraman Richard Swainson, the Derby Theatre is in sorrow. Rich was a prominent figure in the local art community. He contributed his artistic skills to numerous businesses, theaters, and festivals, leaving a lasting legacy of visual narrative.

His enthusiasm for what he did was contagious, and he was unmatched in his commitment to improving the creative process. Rich was viewed by Derby Theatre as more than just a business associate; over the years, his artwork graced many of the theater’s plays.

With his technical skill, artistic vision, and kind manner, he quickly became not just a highly respected professional but also a valued friend to many of our staff members. The emptiness he has left behind is immense, and the reverberation of our shared sorrow reverberates through the corridors he once brightly lit with his abilities.

Rich’s influence is felt throughout the whole artistic community because to the innumerable moments he caught, the stories he brought to life, and the collaborative attitude he embodied. His creative legacy will always be present in the images he created, the moments he immortalized, and the individuals fortunate enough to collaborate with and draw inspiration from him.

Our sympathies and thoughts are with Richard Swainson’s family and all those who were fortunate enough to be a part of his artistic journey as we mourn his departure.

I hope that recalling his artistic ability and the warmth of his relationship will assist you through this difficult period. Rich, you will be remembered not only for the pictures you took but also for the unwavering energy that was evident in each and every one of the thousands of pictures that comprised your body of work. You deserve tranquility for your soul.