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Ray Shillito Car Accident: Austin Police Officer, Ray Shillito Killed in Car Crash in Leander

Ray Shillito Car Accident: Austin Police Officer, Ray Shillito Killed in Car Crash in Leander

Ray Shillito Car Accident; In a tragic incident on Sunday afternoon, the Leander Police Department swiftly responded to a fatal collision on Leander Road/2243. Regrettably, this unforeseen event resulted in the untimely passing of Officer Retiree Ray Shillito from the Austin Police Department.

Fatal Crash on Leander Road/2243

In a tragic development, Officer Retiree Ray Shillito lost his life in a fatal crash on RM 2243, near the intersection with Ridgmar Road. The Leander Police Department promptly shared this devastating news on their official Facebook page at exactly 12:29 p.m.

As the community grapples with the shock of this incident, preliminary reports suggest that Officer Shillito was driving along Leander Road/2243, within the city limits of Leander, when a collision occurred. Regrettably, the collision, involving another vehicle, proved fatal, resulting in the untimely and grievous passing of Officer Retiree Ray Shillito.

Unfortunately, specific details regarding the circumstances of the crash remain limited at this early stage. The Leander Police Department is actively working to piece together the sequence of events leading to the collision, and additional updates are expected as the investigation unfolds.

Road Closure Alert

The Leander Police Department (LPD) has declared the closure of Ranch-to-Market 2243, extending from the 8700 block to Ridgmar Road, due to the tragic collision involving Officer Retiree Ray Shillito.

Officials have refrained from specifying a timeframe for the road’s reopening, underscoring the ongoing nature of the investigation. In response to the road closure, authorities are recommending travelers to explore alternative routes to minimize disruptions. Crystal Falls Parkway and Hero Way have been suggested as viable detours for commuters navigating the affected area.

As the LPD diligently manages the aftermath of the incident and conducts a comprehensive investigation, the community is urged to stay informed about updates concerning the road closure and to exercise caution when opting for alternative routes. The duration of the closure will hinge on the progress of the investigation, and authorities will endeavor to reopen the road at the earliest feasible juncture.