Peter Smith Obituary; Sadly, Peter Smith Has Passed Away.

We would like to inform everyone about Peter James Smith’s quiet departure from this life on November 9, 2023. We are very sorry to do this. Peter showed Jessica and Nicholas what a devoted and kind father figure could be.

There is a permanent gap created by his absence. For those fortunate enough to have known him, Peter was a beloved family member who exuded an amazing warmth and kindness that will never fade.

The memories he left behind are ones of love, laughter, and everlasting support. He provided a strong example of what it truly means to be a parent, giving Jessica, Nicholas, and their separate households a strong base of support and motivation.

Together with lamenting the passing of a magnificent man, let’s celebrate the depth and richness he infused into our lives when we join together to bid farewell. All those whose lives were impacted by Peter’s kindness, insight, and love will carry his memory with them forever. Our sincere thoughts and sympathy are sent to Jessica, Nicholas, and the entire family during this trying time.

I hope that the memories of a life well lived and the enduring bond that will always bind them to Peter James Smith provide comfort to all who are affected by tragedy.